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2022 A Grade Women GF #1.jpeg

2022 Premiers!

Henley FC Logo.png

Henley A Grade Women

Division 2

Gaza v Henley

5:1 (31) to 8:7 (55)

Saturday 6th of August, 2022

St Mary's Oval


2019 Elimination Finals

2022 A Grade Women GF #3.jpeg

Henley Sharks Women

Since the introduction of girls football to Henley Sharks in 2017 we have seen one of our girls teams come home with the premiership flag every year. With a double header in 2018, both under 14 girls teams winning the Grand Final.

With the continual growth in girls football at Henley Sharks, we had the introduction of our
under 18 women's side in 2018, with the side progressing into a finals campaign in 2019. 

Season 2020 saw the inaugural year of the Henley Sharks open women's team with Grand Final success achieved in 2022. 2023 saw the team join Division one where they currently continue to play.

2022 A Grade Women GF #2.jpeg

Senior Women's Premierships

Current Premierships

Adelaide Football League

Total Flags : 61 Premierships as of 2019

Senior Women's Club Awards

A Grade Women

Senior Women's Awards

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B Grade Women

Senior Women's Awards

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Under 18 Women

Under 18 Women's Awards

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