Senior Registrations

2020 Season Registrations

Henley Sharks registrations for the 2020 season are now open.

When registering please be aware there is now a league fee: 

  • $15 fee for senior players

  • $10 fee for junior players

This fee is outside of any club fees – such as membership or game day payments.

Registration links, both links end up at the same page, you just might find one easier than the other:

Registrations via SportsTG:

>>Click Here<<


Registrations via Adelaide League:

>>Click Here<<…

**THEN CLICK ON HENLEY – This will take you through to the registration page **

Player Membership and Game Day Payments

Senior Fees include Player Membership and Game Day Payments

These payment go towards:

  • Guernsey

  • Football equipment

  • Umpire fees

  • Player insurance

  • Oval hire / maintenance

  • Trophies and awards

  • Building upkeep and maintenance

  • Adelaide Football League fees

  • Game day fees and expenses

All player fees (including player membership and game day payments) Must be paid the week prior to Round One No Pay - No Play

Membership payments will be discounted if paid on or before the 28th March, 2020

These can be paid at the club or online - click button below for online payments

Game Day payments are due prior to round one as stated above, these can be paid online or at the club - if you require a payment plan please contact our registrar at:

Senior Player Membership $125.00

$100.00 Sale Price - Ends 28th February, 2020

Included with membership:

  • Notification of Events

  • Newsletter and Club Updates

  • Discount Offers from Sponsors

  • Club Voting Rights

Senior Game Day Payment 

Senior Men $450.00

Senior Women $300.00

Under 18 Men $180.00

Under 18 Women $120

These payments are based on $25 per game for senior players and $10 per game for under 18's

If a senior player obtains a player sponsor this will cover the game day payments, but a sponsor much be in place and financial for these payments to not be covered by the player

Communication's App

Henley Sharks utilises a free app called Teamstuff for all of it's team communications from training times & locations through to games schedules and all communication from coaches and team managers. 

If you are new to the club and do not have access to your teams information please contact our Teamstuff administration >>click here<<

You will need to include your name, team or coach and your email address.

You will then be sent an email invitation to join your team on Teamstuff!

Updating your details in SportsTG

Update your information by clicking on this link:

>>Click Here<<

As some will be registered using their school email and now have to change, so please go in and change your information. You will need to log in using your email and password.