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Welcome to the Henley Sharks Junior Football!



We are a proud club with a rich history, run completely by volunteers. By accepting this position at the Henley Sharks Junior Football  you are also accepting that as a parent / carer of a player you will be expected to be involved in assisting with duties so our kids can play.  Examples of this are BBQ duty, goal umpiring, timekeeping and other roles . Team managers organise duties on a rotating basis.   




Will be advised by your team manager through the SPOND app.  Please ensure you have downloaded this and are in the correct age group.   Any questions please ask your team manager. 

Do not delete this app at the end of the current season, as we also use this app for communications regarding re-registrations for the next season and other news.



Henley Sharks members are covered by the SANFL juniors insurance – however this does not include ambulance cover.  It is your responsibility to ensure you are adequately covered should an ambulance be called during training or games. 

All Henley Sharks players are required to wear a mouthguard at training and games.   It is your / your childs responsibility to ensure your player adheres to this at all times. 



You will be provided with a Henley Sharks playing guernsey which must be returned to Henley at the completion of the season.  


Shorts and socks are available for purchase from SportsPower at Harbourtown. 


Henley Sharks Juniors Uniform

- Navy Blue Henley Shorts (home games)

- White Henley Shorts (away games)

- Navy SANFL junior socks



Merchandise Online Shop is now open with our new partner Belgravia Apparel. Click on the link below to shop: 


If you need to change your order or ask a question about your order please contact:



ANYONE (parents/friends/family members) attending a Henley Sharks Junior Football game must abide by this code of conduct.  


Henley Junior Football Club will not tolerate any harassment or abuse of any kind.      



Parents and supporters/spectators are bound by the following Code of  Conduct

- Remember that you are there for the participants to enjoy the game. 

- Encourage participation, but don’t force it. 

- Teach that enjoyment is more important than winning. 

- Never ridicule mistakes or losses. Supporters/spectators are there to support, not downgrade. 

- Lead by example and respect all Players, Coaches, Umpires, Officials and spectators. Physical or verbal abuse will not be tolerated. 

- Recognise all volunteers who give up their valuable time-

- Make no detrimental statements in public (radio, television, print or electronic media) in respect to the performance of any match Officials, Umpires, Players or any policy decisions of the Club, or SANFL Juniors. 

- Never publicly criticise Umpires, rather raise personal concerns with Club Officials in private

- Do not use remarks based on race, religion, gender or ability. It is your Coach, the Players, Club andfamily that are let down with such remarks

- Respect the facilities and equipment of your own and opposing Clubs

- Do not engage in physical and/or verbal abuse or conduct toward any Player, Official, Administrator, Umpire or supporter/spectator. Such actions are totally unacceptable. 

- Condemn the use of violence in any form, whether it is by spectators, Coaches, Officials or Players. 

- Abusive language is unacceptable

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