Transfers in to Henley Sharks

If you have been advised Henley have a playing spot for you and you are transferring from another club you will need to complete this form 

Then scan (or take a photo) and email to

The registrar will then complete and submit the form for approval.  Once approved you will get an automatic email advising the transfer is approved, and you must register into the Henley Sharks.

Withdrawals - if you are registered at Henley for the current season

You will need to:

1) advise your team manager of your decision to withdraw

2) return any club gear (guernsey) back to Henley Sharks

3) if you have paid subs for the season, you may apply to have your fees reimbursed.   The club cannot refund the full amount paid.   There is a $10 mandatory SANFL fee,  and $15 in transactional costs that the club cannot refund.    If you have claimed the $100 Sports Voucher and the season has not commenced, you will be able to use this for another sport.   

4) Send your BSB and account number to for a refund.