Henley Sharks Netball Club

About Us

League: We are a part of the SAUCNA competition (www.saucna.net)

who have teams in the following age groups: Under 8s, 9, 11s, 13s, 15s, 17s and Opens.

Home courts: Cudmore Terrace, Henley Beach, opposite the Henley High School. 

All teams will train here, and the Juniors will play their home games at this location.

Under 17s & Opens play at the Association courts

at the corner of Anzac Highway & Greenhill Road in the City.

League Website: www.saucna.net/home.aspx


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Henley Sharks Netball

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Henley Sharks Netball


Henley Sharks Netball

Club Policies

Netball Director Kate Williams

Netball Registrations Kim Hunter

Netball Secretary Debbie Sanders

Netball Communication Jasmin Leaney