Help the Gym Upgrade

The gym at the Henley Football Club has provided great service to players and supporters over the years but is in desperate need of an upgrade.

Senior players fundraising efforts during the 2017 season has recently provided some new equipment and flooring but to continue this effort further funds are required.

The HFC is asking players and supporters to contribute towards this goal and two methods of donating are detailed below:

1. Donating via the ASF (link) will allow your donation to be tax deductible. HFC forfeits 5% of the donation however this method may be more attractive to businesses and certain individuals. 


2. Direct debit to the HFC Equipment Account will receive your full donation but may not attract the tax deduction if applicable. If you choose to donate via this method please include your name to help reconcile donations. 

Account Name: Henley Football Club BSB # 633000 Account # 139419089

Thanks in advance for your help and all funds will see a direct return in the form of equipment which will be available to all players and members of the Henley Football Club.


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