Important information prior to starting training


Hello to all of our players, parents, guardians, caregivers, and members.

With the return to training from Monday 18th May, 2020 for some teams with level 2 restrictions in place, there are a number of things we need you all to be aware of when coming to training, while training and when leaving training.


What you need to know:

•       When arriving at Training please maintain your 1.5 social distancing at all times.

•       Please check in for your temperature check – keeping your social distancing while waiting.

o       The temperature checking stations will be on the club room side of the oval located where you will be training.

•       Trainings will be conducted in groups of 10 players – your location for training will be displayed on Teamstuff along with your allocated group.

•       You will keep your 1.5 social distancing at all times during training. Sanatising equipment will be available and utilized throughout training.

•       Players will stay in their group for the whole training

•       Coaches will remain with the same group for the whole of training

•       You will need to arrive at training ready to train. As the club will not be open, the public toilets will be open if required.

•       When training is finished, coaches, club officials and players must leave the groups and training track immediately so that the next group can start training. Due to social distancing rules we must “get in, train, and get out”.

•       We do ask that parents and guardians not stay to watch training unless you are in your car or keeping your 1.5 social distancing measures at all times. You will not be allowed out on the oval while trainings are commencing.

•       We ask that there only be one parent/guardian/career per child when dropping off and picking up (no siblings please)

•       Regular and thorough handwashing or sanitising throughout training

•       No sharing equipment without appropriate cleaning protocol

•       No hugging, shaking of hands or high fives – no contact of any kind.

•       There is to be no sharing of towels, water bottles or food.

•       Social distancing at all times will need to be applied allowing at lease 1.5m between each player.

•       There will be no use of the clubrooms, trainers/medical room, changerooms or equipment outside of your footballs and cones. The public toilets should be open and available.

•       Covering mouth and nose with a tissue or sleeve during coughing/sneezing

•       If you are showing any symptoms of cold, flu or anything else DO NOT come to training

•       Recommend members to download the Australian Government COVID-19 contact tracing app COVIDSafe.


It is also recommended that everyone take the online training course listed below:


•       Mandatory education briefings in advance of training returning for all players/coaches/staff/officials at every club to outline protocols. These have been conducted with the coaches that are approved to training at level  2 restrictions as not all teams will be training until the next level is allowed.


o       SANFL Communication – Any league/club official (including coaches) responsible for the conduct of training, match day operations or any other relevant activity should undertake it online via link below:




•       Penalties are in place if we breach the rules & protocol:


SANFL Juniors have been told direct by SAPOL that they will be monitoring this across all levels of sport including football. Clubs which are either or fined by the police for breaking an enforceable direction by Police Commissioner, Grant Stevens, will be sanctioned by SANFL Juniors by way of a fine, suspension or removal from the competition.


Current enforceable directions are available on the SA Police website -


There has already been a soccer club that has been sanctioned for a breach in social distancing, please remember all of the above mentioned rules associated with training taking place.


We appreciate your help and support at this time

Henley Sharks




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Henley Sharks COVID-19 UPDATE - APRIL 2020

With the COVID-19 pandemic evolving at a rapid rate, we as a club are following the latest guidance from the Adelaide Footy League and SANFL Juniors. We are taking extra precautions to ensure the safety of players, members and our local community. Both the Adelaide Football League and SANFL Juniors have suspended all competition until May 31st with a tentative new start date proposed for the second weekend of June.  

With player membership, registrations and any fees that we have received for the 2020 season the committee are currently reviewing the situation and will be communicating information to all its players and sponsors in due course.

As a club, we have taken the step of cancelling/postponing ALL trainings, trial games and club events until Monday 4th May, at which point we will reconvene to reassess the situation for our club. This includes all junior and senior trainings, all trial games, all Auskick sessions, and all club events.

This decision has not been made lightly, but we are confident that we are acting in the best interests of our members, players, supporters and the broader community and have made this decision after consultation with all the necessary evidence regarding best practice at this time. The welfare of our players, members and community is the foremost priority in our minds at this time.

We encourage all our club community to stay safe and to reach out if there is anything we can do to help lend our support over the next few weeks.

For further information regarding the Henley Football Club please direct your questions to our Senior Secretary via

Henley Sharks Executive Committee