Senior Trial Games

If you’re keen to see some of the new Henley recruits before the season kicks off on 14th April, the trial games start this Friday! The trial schedule is as follows and the boys would love any supprt that is available! 🏉

1) Henley v Port Districts

at Aldi (Thebarton) Fri 9/3/18
B/C’s start at 6.30 pm and A’s at about 8.10 p.m.

2) Henley v Rostrevor

at Aldi (Thebarton) Thur 15/3/18
Same times as above but A’s first.

3) Henley v Unley

at Aldi (Thebarton) Fri 23/3/18.
Start at 6.30 with game order to be confirmed.

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