Round 10 A-Grade vs Modbury Highlights

Another terrific win for the sharks well done to the boys and all officials lets keep up the good work


Round 10 AWAY V Modbury 
HENLEY: 16.18-114
MODBURY: 11.9-75

Even though Modbury have struggled this year it is never an easy road trip and our challenge was to bring the same intensity we had last week. Knowing what it has been like in the past we were pleasantly surprised by the good condition of the oval which was matched by the conditions on the day.

In Round 1 Modbury played with heavy numbers behind the football so we knew we needed to counter that by getting the ball out to space and moving the ball quickly. From the outset our mids continued on from where they left off last week and controlled the stoppages. We were being brave with the football out of the backlines, switching at every opportunity and using our runners on the outside. This produced clean forward movements which was highlighted by what has been dubbed the ‘point of the year’ as Tom Elfenbein ran down the wing with three bounces only to hit the goal post with his shot. James Lean, Travis Lane and Jack Enright seemed to be in everything as we dominated possession but felt at the break we hadn’t taken all of our opportunities.

In the second we got off to another great start, Harris Jessen was controlling the stoppages but was doing the damage in open play, he would have had close to 10 running bounces for the day as he took on the opposition at every opportunity and kicked the ball deep into the forward lines. We welcomed back Ned Heath for his first game for the year and he was playing like he hadn’t missed a beat plucking anything that came his way. Down back Mitch Goldner and Chris Schwarz were getting on top of their opponents with the support of Scott Berry. Brock Kennedy was lively on the wing and giving us plenty of run and as a team we were working really hard to run the football. However we were almost working too hard and running ourselves into the ground, a few turnovers hurt us the other way and as Modbury started winning the clearances it was again a 6 minute period that allowed them to kick 3 goals and stay in the game.

There was some frustration amongst ourselves at half time but we knew for the most part we were in control of the game, we just needed to clean up a few of our errors. Our first 5 scoring shots of the third quarter resulted in points which added to that frustration but when we finally got that goal the flood gates opened. The midfield were getting clean clearances and all of the forwards were getting in on the act. Jamie Grosser kicked a couple for the quarter, Jackson Smith was keeping up his good form and Brett Ebert was causing the defenders some headaches. But a running goal from Harris Jessen, only to be almost trumped by himself moments later were the highlights of the quarter. We kicked 8 goals 8 for the quarter and put the game out of question.

Unfortunately some injuries to Travis Lane and Ned Heath meant we played the last with 19 players and then no bench after we put Brett Ebert on ice halfway through. This took its toll as the players looked out of gas in the last. We still had plenty of scoring opportunities but got beaten over the back a few times by Modbury which allowed them to get a few consolation goals. Jack Enright and Mitch Goldner finished the game off strongly while our skipper for the day Corey Gray ran out a strong second half.

During the long weekend break we spoke about the importance of the next 3 games. We have now won two of them and go into the third with a lot of confidence. There are a few sore boys which may present some other players with an opportunity but we also look forward to getting our skipper Michael Gautesen back this week. With the evenness of the competition all games are important but a win this week can set our season up.


Round 10 – 23/06/2018

Henley 0.0, 0.0, 0.0, 16.8 (104)

Modbury 0.0, 0.0, 0.0, 11.9 (75)

GOALS, Henley :
Jamie Grosser 3, Ned Heath 3, Harris Jessen 2, James Lean 2, Brett Ebert 1, Jack Enright 1, Jackson Smith 1, Travis Lane 1, Cody Hicks 1, Thomas Thunig 1

Modbury :
Kyle McNaughton 3, Matt Fogden 3, Ezrah Holland 2, Christopher Burns 1, Samuel Taylor 1, Matthew Gibson 1

BEST, Henley :
Harris Jessen, Brock Kennedy, Christopher Schwarz, Mitchell Goldner, Jack Enright

Modbury :
Matt Fogden, Marcus Kightley, Quinten Burrows, Ryan Richards, Timothy Davey

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