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Great news!…

We are pleased to announce the following appointments to our Senior Coaching Panel for 2019.

C Grade: Rod Cavenett, with the assistance of Andrew Pierson, will take charge of the C s.

Both are fantastic club people and Life Members, with a strong history of success at both senior and junior levels at Shark Park.

Rod is likely one of the 2nd longest serving junior coaches behind Rod Hill, and a former long serving committee member.

Under 18.5: Kurtis Cox

Kurtis is a current Senior Player who played all of his Junior footy at Henley including winning Under 18 Premierships and also won an Under 18s league medal. Kurtis’s father played league footy with South Adelaide

These appointments are very exciting for the club!

A Meet the Coaches night is scheduled for Friday March 1st at Henley from 6 pm – light training followed by a BBQ and a few drinks .

All invited – Especially New Players – Bring a mate along


Michael Hicks C-Grade Historical Timeline
Henley Sharks Football Club
Year Affiliation Rank Coach Captain Best & Fairest Most Goals Team Manager
2019 (C1) SAAFL   Rod Cavenett & Brian Leys       Peter Lawrence
2018 (C1) SAAFL 2nd Chris Brown Alex Newman Alex Newman (59) Bradley Carey* Peter Lawrence
2017 (C2) SAAFL *1st* Chris Brown Alex Newman Joel Harvey-Friel (65) Joel Chapman* Peter Lawrence
2016 (C1) SAAFL
Chris Brown Matthew Ehrlich & Brett Dobson Alex Newman (41) Joel Chapman Peter Lawrence
2015 (C1) SAAFL
Simon Hardy & Paul Nyland Zac Bellingham Brett Dobson (39) Joel Chapman Chris Tunn
2014 (A7)SAAFL
Michael Hicks Todd Coleman Jason Schulz (19) D. De Souza-Priest Simon Barnes
2013 (A7) SAAFL
Michael Annese Zack Bellingham Tim Rosewall (19) Simon Hardy Simon Hardy
2012 (A7) SAAFL
Daryl Pearce Zack Bellingham Tom Pearce (55) Joshua Wilson Dean Pearce
2011 (A6) SAAFL
Daryl Pearce Nick Jones Nicholas Jones (24) Shane Walshe Dean Pearce
2010 (A6) SAAFL 7th Daryl Pearce Tom Pitman Brad Tonkin (17) David Loveder Jane Kite
2009 (A7) SAAFL *1st* Peter King Tom Pitman David Loveder (41) Simon Barnes Jane Kite
2008 (A7) SAAFL 2nd Peter King Scott Jones Jamali Sarai (60) Simon Barnes Jane Kite
2007 (A7) SAAFL 5th Peter King & Matt Christophers Scott Jones Nicholas Meiers (59) Simon Barnes Jane Kite 
2006 (A7) SAAFL 6th Scott Jones Peter King Steve Spry (34) Simon Barnes & Scott Jones Jane Kite
2005 (A6) SAAFL 9th Mark Hetzel Peter King Marty Christophers (16) Tom Cakar David Coughlin
2004 (A7) SAAFL *1st* Steve Lowe Atticus Boyce Scott Robinson (26) Andrew Englehardt Emma White
2003 (A7) SAAFL 2nd Steve Lowe Atticus Boyce Atticus Boyce (28) Greg Stevens Emma White
2002 (A8) SAAFL 5th Steve Lowe Steve Lowe Atticus Boyce (30) David Jolley Emma White
2001 (A7) SAAFL 5th Gary Lawrence Andrew Bray Preston Miskelly   Dan Jones
2000 (A7) SAAFL 3rd Gary Lawrence James Minagall Andrew Bray   Darren Salisbury
1999 (A7) SAAFL 5th Martin Jeffries James Minagall Tom Pitman   Ben Turnbill & Emma White
1998 (A8) SAAFL *1st* Gary Lawrence James Minagall Martin Jeffries   David Caire
Henley Greek Football Club
Year Affliliation Placing Coach Captain Best & Fairest Most Goals Team Manager
1997 (A8) SAAFL 3rd Andrew Henry James Minagall Andrew Bray (38) Jesse Williams Emma White
1996 (A5) SAAFL 2nd Andrew Henry Darren Kite Hayden Schwarz   Emma White
1995 (A5) SAAFL 8th Andrew Henry James Minagall Daniel Nikoleaff (35) Brad Robertson Brett Ralph
1994 (A7) SAAFL 2nd Michael Hicks    Chris Reilly Chris Cox (46) Mark Wormald Shaun Richards
Henley District & Old Scholars Football Club
Year Affliliation Placing Coach Captain Best & Fairest Most Goals Team Manager
1993 (D3) SAFA *1st* Michael Hicks Rod Macfarlane Chris Cox   Justin Galvani
1992 (D3) SAFA 2nd Michael Hicks Glen Ralph Lincoln Clayton   Ross Frick
1991 (D3) SAFA 2nd Michael Hicks David Hall Darren Kite   Ross Frick
1990 (D3) SAFA 4th Michael Hicks William Hoey Chris Cox   Ross Frick
1989 (D3) SAFA 3rd Michael Hicks Phil Brooks Neil Clarke   Ross Frick
1988 (D3) SAFA 2nd Peter Judd Justin Hartshorne Justin Hartshorne   Tracy Beinke
1987 (D3) SAFA *1st* Ian Berry Ian Berry Mark Pedretti   Neil Cole
1986 (D3) SAFA 4th Michael Hicks Ross Frick Nick Kiosses   Neil Cole
1985 (D3) SAFA 3rd Michael Hicks Gary Fazzalari Tim Dodds   Neil Cole
1984 (D3) SAFA 5th Michael Hicks Tony Davidson Rod Hill   Jane Loughhead
1983 (D3) SAFA 7th Graham Hill (Goog) Stuart Jones Rod Hill   Tanya Goddard
1982 (D3) SAFA 5th Ian Atkinson Stuart Jones Nick Kiosses   Tanya Goddard
1981 (A5) SAAFL 7th Ian Berry David Hicks Peter Judd   Geoff Pickles
1980 (A5) SAAFL 4th Jeff Barnes Barry Lewis Lincoln Jenkin   Geoff Pickles
1979 (A3) SAAFL 11th Rob Wilson Graham Hill (Goog) Alan Christie   Stan Hicks & Peter Metcalfe
1978 (A3) SAAFL 7th Rob Wilson Graham Hill (Goog) Rod Hill   Geoff Pickles
Henley Eagles Football Club
Year Affliliation Placing Coach Captain Best & Fairest Most Goals Team Manager
1977 (A7) SAAFL 4th Peter Buss Peter Buss Greg Bulger    
1976 (A6) SAAFL 8th Rod Bridgman  Rod Bridgman Rod Bridgman    
1975 (A7) SAAFL 3rd Greg Bulger  Greg Bulger Greg Bulger    
1974 (A5) SAAFL 13th Greg Bulger  Stan Williams Ian Mudge    
1973 (A7) SAAFL *1st* Anthony Park Anthony Park J. Burch    
1972 (A7) SAAFL 3rd Robert Mudge Robert Mudge Robert Mudge    
1971 (A6) SAAFL 11th Robert Mudge Robert Mudge Robert Mudge    
1970 (A6) SAAFL 9th     Trevor Sullivan    
Henley & Grange Football Club
Year Affliliation Placing Coach Captain Best & Fairest Most Goals Team Manager
1969 (A6) SAAFL 2nd Anthony Park Anthony Park      
1968 (A6) SAAFL 5th Barry Sheehy         
1967 (A5) SAAFL 9th          
1966 (A4) SAAFL 10th          
1965 (A4) SAAFL 8th Stan Williams Lindsay Lester      
Premierships 7 Premierships from 15 Grand Finals
Longest serving Coach Michael Hicks (10 seasons)
Longest serving Captain James Minagall (5 seasons)
Most Best & Fairests Rod Hill/Chris Cox (3)

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