League: We are a part of the SAUCNA competition ( who have teams in the following age groups: Under 8s, 9, 11s, 13s, 15s, 17s and Opens.

Home courts: Cudmore Terrace, Henley Beach, opposite the Henley High School. All teams will train here, and the Juniors will play their home games at this location.

Under 17s & Opens play at the Association courts at the corner of Anzac Highway & Greenhill Road in the

League Website:

Secretary: Debbie Sanders – 0418 831 595

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Information booklet: Henley Netball Information PDF

Expression of Interest Form: Download now

Club Policies: Download now

Teams & Training

Team Grade Training time
Henley Sharks A B1 Wednesday 7.00pm
Henley Sharks B B7 Wednesday 7.00pm
17s Henley Sharks C C1 Thursday 4.30pm
15s Henley Sharks D D1 Tuesday 5.00pm
15s Henley Sharks E D4 Tuesday 5.00pm
13s Henley Sharks F E1 Thursday 4.30pm
13s Henley Sharks G E9 Thursday 4.30pm
13s Henley Sharks H E10 Thursday 4.30pm
11s Henley Sharks I F2 Tuesday 5.00pm
11s Henley Sharks J F3 Thursday 4.30pm
11s Henley Sharks K F8 Tuesday 5.00pm
9s Henley Sharks L G1 Thursday 4.30pm
9s Henley Sharks M G2 Tuesday 4.00pm
9s Henley Sharks N G5 Thursday 3.30pm


Club Song

We are the navy blues

We are the old dark navy blues

We are the team, that never let you down

We are the team from Henley town.

We strive together, in any weather, give in we never

We are strong and we are keen

We are the mighty Henley team!

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