Kane wins Under 18s medal

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Congratulations to Under 18s player Kane Godlevsky on winning the league medal

In our Under 12s Girls Ella Goldlevsky won the league medal too, see full article >> here <<

See all our medal winners in our 100 year history and all the top 20 voters below

If anyone has any photos of Kane please send to website at henleysharks dot com dot au

Under 18s

24 Kane Godlevsky Henley
14 Thomas Tacono Golden Grove
13 Tommy Vannini Payneham NU
12 Jack Luders Goodwood Saints
8 Bailey Michell Henley
8 Ethan Marchioro Flinders Park
8 Angus Crockford Broadview
7 Marcus Hambly Flinders Park
7 Michael Cavallaro Golden Grove
7 Cosimo Piscioneri Flinders Park
6 Jacob Murchinson Flinders Park
6 Izak Richards Flinders Park
5 Kris Karafoulidis Flinders Park
5 Lucas Jesson Flinders Park
5 Liam Bunn Goodwood Saints
5 Zachary Fairlie Goodwood Saints
5 Braden Hart Broadview
5 Riley Meldrum Henley
5 Dylan Barge Golden Grove
5 Lachlan Casey Goodwood Saints



16 Eric Drew Brighton Bombers
14 Thomas Hoare Brighton Bombers
13 Nicholas Blanch Prince Alfred OC
12 Steven Clay Port District
11 James Lakin Goodwood Saints
11 Jamal Issah St Peters OC
11 Jack Johnson St Peters OC
11 Thomas McCormack Rostrevor OC
10 Malachai Ahmatt-Lovett Henley
10 Charles Higgins St Peters OC
10 Jarryd Brown Brighton Bombers
9 James Ridgwell Goodwood Saints
9 Jordan McKinnon Port District
8 Joshua Hornibrook Henley
8 Joel Harvey-Friel Henley
8 Brett Dobson Henley
7 Callum Read Goodwood Saints
7 Nafyn Pattiaratchi Prince Alfred OC
7 Charles Wiggins St Peters OC
7 Riley Robinson Prince Alfred OC



28 Andrew Alesci Adelaide University
18 Phillip Doyle Tea Tree Gully
17 Richard Carter Port District
12 Jarrod Varley Rostrevor OC
10 Stephen Daniels Tea Tree Gully
10 Nic Bailey St Peters OC
10 Patrick McAuley Tea Tree Gully
10 Nathan Baggott Port District
9 Callum Read Goodwood Saints
9 Ben Chant Goodwood Saints
8 Aaron Richter Tea Tree Gully
8 Joshua Watt Brighton Bombers
8 Brandyn Galletti Henley
8 Robert Kernick Brighton Bombers
7 Thomas Matsis Rostrevor OC
7 Shelley Fulton Adelaide University
7 David Blyth Adelaide University
7 Lucas Hughes Goodwood Saints
6 Wassim Saad Payneham NU
6 William Daniel Prince Alfred OC


Luke Pastyn

These are senior players who have won a league medal in their respective competitions playing at the Henley Football Club.

The Under 18s are regarded as seniors because the affiliation is with the senior league.

Senior League Medalists
Henley Sharks Football Club
Year Player Name Votes Grade League
2019 Kane Godlevsky 24 votes U18s ADFL
2017 Ryan Sampson 17 votes D2R ADFL
2013 Jarred Parker 19 votes D7R SAAFL
2012 Michael Batten 23 votes D1R SAAFL
2012 Benjamin Everson 34 votes U18s SAAFL
2011 Nicholas Jones 25 votes D6 SAAFL
2010 Jason Turner 16 votes D1 SAAFL
2009 Nicholas Meiers 27 votes D7 SAAFL
2009 Kurtis Cox 23 votes U18s SAAFL
2008 Ryan Bowman 17 votes D1R SAAFL
2003 Luke Pastyn   D2 SAAFL
2002 Atticus Boyce   D8 SAAFL
1997 Steven McLawrence   U17s SAAFL
1996 David Green   U17s SAAFL
1992 Matthew Wormald   D1 SAFA
1991 Andrew Horsnell   D1 SAFA
1990 Chris Cox   D3 SAFA
1987 Paul Edwards   D4 SAFA
1986 Tony Demasi   U18 SAFA
1982 Dean O’Loughlin   D2R SAFA
1981 Sam Heywood-Smith   A10 SAAFL
1980 Mark Bell   U18s SAAFL
1978 Paul Heeps   A1 SAAFL
1976 T. McNeill (Henley High OS)   A3 SAAFL
1975 Greg Bulger   A7 SAAFL
1974 T. McNeill (Henley High OS)   A5 SAAFL
1968 Trevor Deverson   A6 SAAFL
1965 Gerry Webber   A2 SAAFL
1961 E. ‘Bill’ Buckley   A2 SAAFL
1960 E. ‘Bill’ Buckley   A3 SAAFL
1960 Peter Elverd   A5 SAAFL
1954 Tom Jeffree   A4 SAAFL
1930 Charles Remnant   A2 SAAFL

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