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Henley High Old Scholars

The Henley High Old Scholars Association was formed in 1970 within the Henley High School, and by 1974 were organizing competitive district teams in the amateur football league (SAAFL) as well as facilitating cricket, netball, basketball and volleyball teams.

The football club’s first coach was Ralph Hillman who taught at the school for 10 years and coached West Adelaide juniors.

The team nicknamed as the Vikings were based at Henley High School and played as a separate club to the Henley Football club at the time.

It submitted its first football team to the South Australian Amateur Football League in 1974 and played in the A5 division. With a premiership and a grand final appearance in successive seasons, the Old Scholars were playing in A3 by 1976. In its 2 seasons within A3, it finished 3rd in both seasons just missing out on promotion to the A2 division.

Premierships won in the Henley High Old Scholars existence were the A5 and A5 reserves in 1974, the A4 reserves in 1975 and the A8s C-Grade in 1976.

One of Henley High Old Scholars champion players was Graham McNeill who won the A5 league medal in 1974 and the A3 medal in 1976.

The Club amalgamated with the A1’s Henley Eagles to form the Henley District & Old Scholars Football Club in 1978.

Many of the Vikings players are still involved at the Henley Sharks Football Club today supporting our teams through coaching and general club duties.


Henley High AFL Draftees
Player Name AFL Club Debut
Stephen Officer South Melbourne Bloods (1971) 1971
Neville Roberts Richmond Tigers (1975) 1975
Steven Stretch  Melbourne Demons (1986)/Fitzroy (1994) 1986
David Querzoli Sydney Swans (Pick 62 – 1987) 1987*
Andrew Payze Essendon (Pick 9 – 1986)/Richmond/Adelaide Crows (Foundation Player 1991) 1991
Paul Bullus Richmond Tigers (Pick 52 – 1992) 1993
David Ugrinic Geelong Cats (Pick 13 – 1993) **1998**
Sam Phillipou Western Bulldogs (Pick 29 – 1992) 1995
Adam Ugrinic Adelaide Crows (Pick 53 – 1995) *1995*
Ken McGregor Adelaide Crows (Pick 75 – 1998) 1999
Rhett Biglands Port Power (1997 Inugural Squad/Adelaide Crows (Pick 36 – 1999) 2000
Jarrad Wright  Brisbane Lions (Pick 35 – 2001) *2001*
Hayden Skipworth Adelaide Crows (Pick 53 – 2000)/Essendon (Pick 3 – 2009 Pre-season draft) 2001 & 2009
Brian Lake Western Bulldogs (Pick 71 – 2001)/ Hawthorn (2013) 2002
Nathan Bock Adelaide Crows (Pick 25 – 2002 Rookie Draft)/Gold Coast (2011) 2004 & 2011
Isaac Thompson Western Bulldogs (Pick 50 – 2003) *2004*
Rhys Stanley St. Kilda Saints (Pick 47 – 2008)/Geelong (2015) 2010
Paul Stewart Port Adelaide Power (Pick 23 – 2006) 2008
Jared Petrenko Adelaide Crows (Pick 25 – 2007 Rookie draft) 2009
Christian Bock Essendon Bombers (rookie list – 2009) **2010**
Byron Sumner Sydney (Pick 54 – 2009) 2011
Jared Polec Brisbane Lions (Pick 5 – 2010) *2011*
Brodie Smith Adelaide Crows (Pick 14 – 2010)
Scott Lycett West Coast (Pick 29 – 2010) *2011*
Bradley Helbig Richmond (Pick 47 – 2010) 2011
Cameron Yomen-Ellis Adelaide Crows (Pick 64 – 2011) 2014
Jarrod Harding Greater Western Sydney (2011) no debut
Sam Mayes Brisbane Lions (Pick 8 – 2012) 2013
Luke Dunstan St. Kilda Saints (Pick 18 – 2013) 2014
Sam Gray Port Adelaide Power (Pick 29 – 2014 Rookie Draft) 2014
*Year drafted but no debut at league level*
** played an official pre-season game**
Henley High SANFL Footballers
Surname First Name Debut  SANFL Club
LOVEDAY Robert 1963 West Adelaide
RANKINE David 1965 West Torrens*
PHILLIPOU Peter 1967 West Torrens
BARNES Peter 1968 West Torrens*
EDGELY Ian 1968 West Adelaide
SIMMONS Bruce 1968 West Torrens
CLEVELAND Norm 1969 West Torrens
KELLY Peter 1970 West Torrens
WHITE Greg 1970 West Torrens*
BAYNES Geoff 1971 West Adelaide/SA
COUSINS Peter 1971 West Torrens
GRIFFITHS Kevin 1971 South Adelaide
KEANE Stephen 1972 West Adelaide*
NEWMAN Barry 1973 West Adelaide*
ROBERTS Neville 1973 West Adelaide/Norwood
COUSINS Michael 1974 West Torrens
HANK Barry 1974 West Torrens
McNEILL Graham 1974 West Torrens*
PAVLICH Mark 1974 West Torrens
WHITE Scott 1974 West Torrens
BERRY Jeffrey 1975 West Torrens
MILLER Brenton 1975 West Torrens
CARR Steven 1976 West Torrens
GOETZ Gary 1976 West Torrens
RICHARDSON Kym 1976 West Torrens
WILLIAMS Peter 1976 West Torrens
DAVERON Matthew 1977 West Adelaide*
DREW  David 1977 West Adelaide
DE JONG Dirk 1978 West Adelaide
REYNOLDS Lewis 1978 West Adelaide*
CUNNINGHAM John 1981 West Torrens
BARRATT Stephen 1982 WT/Glenelg/NA
ECKERT Grant 1982 West Torrens
STRETCH Steven 1982 West Torrens
QUERZOLI David 1983 West Torrens
PAYZE Andrew 1984 West Torrens & WWT
PAVLICH Greg 1986 West Torrens
McDOWALL Ian 1987 Norwood*
WORMALD Matthew 1987 West Torrens*
MILSON David 1989 West Adelaide
BULLUS Paul 1990 West Torrens & WWT
LUKOSIUS Robert 1990 Woodville & WWT*
PAYZE Mark 1990 West Torrens*
DIBIASE Michael 1991 Woodville West Torrens
PHILLIPOU Sam  1992 WWT/Port Adelaide*
UGRINIC David 1993 Woodville West Torrens
UGRINIC Adam 1994 Woodville West Torrens
AXON Michael 1995 Woodville West Torrens
PHILLIPOU Michael 1995 Woodville West Torrens*
BIGLANDS Rhett 1996 Woodville West Torrens
BARNES David 1997 Woodville West Torrens*
LEAL Brett 1998 Woodville West Torrens
McGREGOR Ken 1998 Woodville West Torrens*
GREEN David 1999 Port Adelaide*
LEAL Scott 1999 North Adelaide*
BOCK Nathan 2001 Woodville West Torrens
SKIPWORTH Hayden 2001 Woodville West Torrens
ILJCESEN Dennis 2002 Woodville West Torrens/SA*
WRIGHT Jarad 2004 South Adelaide/WWT
SYMMONS Dale 2005 Woodville West Torrens
STEWART Paul 2006 Woodville West Torrens
EBERT Bradley 2007 Port Adelaide
GEDDES Brad 2007 Woodville West Torrens
McLEAN Luke 2007 Norwood
PAVLICH Jake 2007 Woodville West Torrens*
STEWART James 2007 Woodville West Torrens*
PETRENKO Jared 2007 Woodville West Torrens
HICKS  Cody 2008 Woodville West Torrens
STANLEY Rhys 2008 West Adelaide
SUMNER Byron   Woodville West Torrens
SMITH Brodie 2009 Woodville West Torrens
POLEC Jared 2009 Woodville West Torrens
MARDLING Sam 2009 Port Adelaide
GRAY Sam 2010 Port Adelaide
LYCETT Scott 2010 Port Adelaide
ROSE Matthew 2010 Port Adelaide
YOMEN-ELLIS Cameron   Woodville West Torrens
BOCK Christian 2011 Woodville West Torrens
JOHANSEN Jake 2013 Port Adelaide
*Returned to play football at Henley High O.S. or Henley Football Club


Viking Coaches
Year A Grade B Grade C Grade
1974 Ralph Hillman Jeff Barnes ** No team
1975 Ralph Hillman Barry Lewis Geoff Farr
1976 Ralph Hillman Michael Farren Geoff Reid
1977 Ralph Hillman Rob Wilson Geoff Reid
Viking Captains
Year A Grade B Grade C Grade
1974 Ron Corso Michael Farren ** No team
1975 Graham McNeill Michael Farren Brian Salisbury
1976 Graham McNeill Michael Farren Greg Reid
1977 Stephen Keane Stuart Jones Greg Reid
Vikings Management
Year President Secretary Treasurer
1974 Paul Cronin Margaret Cronin Jeff Barnes
1975 Jeff Barnes Graham McNeill Philip Primer
1976 David McGlennon Graham McNeill Philip Primer
1977 David McGlennon Robyn Hoopman Philip Primer
Best & Fairests
Year A Grade B Grade C Grade
1974 A. Heuchan Michael Hicks ** No team
1975 Joesph Montarello Stuart Jones David Medlow
1976 Michael Hoopman Philip Grow David Medlow
1977 Chris Rees ? ?
Team Statistics
Year A Grade B Grade C Grade
1974 Premiers A5 Premiers A5R no team
1975 Second A4 Premiers A4R Fourth A8
1976 Third A3 Third A3R Premiers A8
1977 Third A3 Second A3R Third A7
Henley High Old Scholar Premierships
South Australian Amatuer Football League…
Year Club Name & Opponent Score Location Coach Team
1976 (A8) Henley High O.S. def. Glenunga 18.8(108) v 14.6(90) Meyer Oval Greg Reid C
1975 (A4R) Henley High O.S. def. Kenilworth 10.8(68) v 8.8(56) ? Barry Lewis B
1974 (A5) Henley High OS def. Postal Institute 7.13(55) v 6.10(46) ? Ralph Hillman A
1974 (A5R) Henley High OS def. Salisbury West n/a ? Jeff Barnes B


1976 A8 C-Grade Premiership Team
Captain/Coach: Greg Reid
Robert Smith Phil Burgess Mick Parker
Michael Hicks Brian Salisbury Peter Jeffrey
Craig Allen Don McNeill Geoff Farr
Alan Piper Jeff Cooper Robbie Porter
Don McLeod Mark Russell Paul Caica
Shane Johns Brian Whitehorn David Anderson
David Medlow Steve Primer Frank Lindsay


Kilburn at Payneham Oval, lined up as follows…

1977 Preliminary Final team – A Grade vs Kilburn
Barry Newman (FP) Phil Bates (FF) Chris Rees (FP)
Ian Filer (HF) David Gee (CHF) Peter Williams (HF)
Rod Hill (W) Stephen Keane (C) Peter McGlennon (W)
Rob Smith (HB) Llyod Flier (CHB) Jeff Barnes (HB)
Graham Newcombe (BP) Andrew Pierson (FB) David McGlennon (BP)
First Ruck  2nd Ruck Reserves
Michael Hoopman (Rk) Chris Rees (Rk) Phil Burgess (Res)
Ian Berry (Ruck Rover) Ian Filer (Ruck Rover) Simon Gee (Res)
Joe Montarello (Rov) Barry Newman (Rov)  

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