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Henley District & Old Scholars

1978 Newsletter Announcement

“Eager Eagle Newsletter” incorporating “The Viking Newsletter”
(Official Newsletter of the Henley District & Old Scholars Football Club Inc.)s

January 1978 – Summer Edition

Written by – Brian Fitzgerald & Greg (Reg) Reid

The negotiations are over and the rest is up to us. The new club is now functioning as a unit, thanks to the work of both old committees
and other hard working members.

If three months ago someone had said that the Henley Football Club
and the Henley Old Scholars Football Club would amalgamate and form a
new club for 1978, it would have been hard to believe. The main points
of discussion were the club name, club colours and payment of players.
As you are no doubt aware by now, all these points have been agreed
upon and settled.

People from both clubs were anxious to see the amalgamation go
ahead, and with Llyod Harvey chairing a “steering committee”, Paul
Sperling leading the Henley Representatives, and David McGlennon
heading the Old Scholars group, all discussions were meaningful and
direct. The new constitution was written with the assistance of a
Solicitor, Ian Edgely, and then put to the members of both former clubs
at a joint meeting.

For 1978 Neil Higgins is the club coach with teams in A1 and A1
Reserve, A3 and A3 Reserve and A6. A junior colt team will be playing
under our name from the Henley High School. The Henley District and Old
Scholars Football Club will be wearing the former Old Scholars
uniforms, i.e. Green and Red vertical stripes Guernseys, green shorts
and green and red hooped socks. The club will be purchasing 5 new sets
of Guernseys and gear for 1978.

Once we pull on these Guernseys for the first time we will be one
club, with one objective, to win. Support the Henley District and Old
Scholars, drink at the club, get to know the people around you; train,
work and play hard and this Club can do nothing but go further and
become a real power within the Amatuer League.

A-Grade Team (A1 Division)

A-Grade Team
A1: Round 1, 1978
Henley District & O.S. 18.14(122) defeated Teachers College 18.8(116)
at Teachers College (North Adelaide)
Best Players Hoopman, Frick, Newman, Price, Berry, Heeps
Goal kickers Newman 4, Rees 4, Higgins 4, Gordon 3, Wills, Johns, Smith
Captain/Coach – Neil Higgins
Forwards Barry Newman  John Gordon Chris Rees
Half Forwards Geoff Wills Daryl Smith John Foody
Centres Robin Christiansen Dave Hansen Leon Johns
Half Backs Peter Price Paul Heeps Greg Frick
Full Backs Ray Gepp Tony Davidson David Martin
1st Ruck  Michael Hoopman Neil Higgins Graham Hicks
2nd Ruck David Martin Chris Rees Barry Newman
Reserves Ian Berry Phil Burgess
Emergency Alan Christie

B-Grade Team (A3 Division)

In 1978, the club picked their second strongest team to play in the
A3 competition and the next best team, the C-Grade, played in A1
Reserves. This occurred to ensure that the A3 team was competitive and
would not face relegation.

B-Grade Team
A3: Round 1, 1978
Henley District & O.S. 16.17(101) defeated Gaza 9.4 (58)
at Gaza Oval
Best Players Christie, Snelling, Phillipou, Pierson, Rankine, Coote, O’Loughlin
Goalkickers Rankine 4, Johns 4, O’Loughlin 3
Coach – Rob Wilson Captain – Graham Hill
Forwards Dean O’Loughlin David Rankine Haydn Johns
Half Forwards David Gee Ugo Sain  Paul Snelling
Centres Alan Christie Ian Cooter John Phillipou
Half Backs Hall Kevin Lynch Graham Hill 
Full Backs Greg Gee Andrew Pierson Michael Johns
1st Ruck  Chris Maguire Seargent Chris Reynolds
2nd Ruck Michael Johns David Gee Dean O’Loughlin
Reserves Rob Broughton Gary Clarke

C-Grade Team (A1 Reserves Division)

In 1978, the C-Grade side played in the A1 Reserves competition as
the club picked their second strongest side, the B-Grade, to play in
the A3.

C-Grade Team
A1 Reserves: Round 1, 1978
Henley District & O.S. 4.2(26) lost to Teachers College 12.9(81)
at Teachers College (North Adelaide)
Best Players C. Farren, Ridley, James, Wagenfeller
Captain/Coach – Trevor Ettridge
Forwards Don McLeod Stuart Jones Phil Shrubsole
Half Forwards Ian Palmer Mark Emmett Peter Buss
Centres Michael Hicks Peter Crawford Paul Ridge
Half Backs Jack Ridley  Phil Johns Bevan Zacher
Full Backs Rob Williams  Rob Smith Steve Lewis
1st Ruck  Glen Wagenfeller Chris Farren Keith Starr
2nd Ruck Steve Lewis Phil Shrubsole Don McLeod
Reserves Grant Geddes Peter Roberts

D-Grade Team (A3 Reserves Division)

D-Grade Team
A3 Reserves: Round 1, 1978
Henley District & O.S .9.11(65) defeated Gaza 3.5 (23)
at Gaza Oval
Best Players L. Shepherd, Dodds, Rosman, Zabukovec, Fleetwood 
Goal kickers Dodds 3
Captain/Coach – Greg Reid
Forwards Graham Carr Bruce Kingshott Tim Dodds
Half Forwards Daryl Gilby Craig Allen Warren Rosman
Centres Steve Primer Michael Gee Greg Reid
Half Backs Ross Frick Dean Shepherd S. Gaust
Full Backs Phil Grow Alan Piper Phil Cole
1st Ruck  Peter Jeffrey Lynton Shepherd G. Kallin 
2nd Ruck Graham Carr Phil Cole Tim Dodds
Reserves Geoff Farr Doug Ure

E-Grade Team (A6 Division)

E-Grade Team
A6: Round 1, 1978
Henley District & O.S. lost to Broadview after forfeiting due to lack of numbers
at Henley High School
Captain/Coach – Lynton Shepherd
Players who played throughout the season…
Bill Jamieson Jeff Cooper Brian Salisbury Harry Craven
Mark Primer Peter McGlennon Paul Caica David Webster
Scott Allen Shane Johns Tony Cassin David Medlow
Paul Haynes Scott Ryan Grant Mosey Kym Findlay
Ross Muggleton John Sargent Steve Muggleton Alex Janejevic
Andrew Farren Junior Winter Ian Blight Jeff Morris
M. Way O’Leary M. Napper Sheehy

Under 18 Colts Team

Under 18s Colts Team
Under 18s: Round 1 1978
Henley 10.4(64) defeated Semaphore Central 7.7(49) 
at Henley High School
Best Players Calarco, D. Hewett, Grow, Baumeister, Talbot
Coach – Michael Roach Captain – Michael Broadbent
Forwards Anthony Talbot Alan Skinner Scott Ryan
Half Forwards Michael Broadbent David Cassidy Kym Woods
Centres Tony Skinner Tony Hewett Wayne Metcalfe
Half Backs Harry Baumeister David Hewett Vin Calarco
Full Backs Peter Matthew David Brooks Ian Politis
1st Ruck  Geoff Grow Kevin Fitzgerald Mark McLeod
2nd Ruck Peter Matthew Michael Broadbent Anthony Talbot
Reserves Derman Chris Hocking Peter Ruediger
Squad Members Anthony Brice Haydn Schwartz Paul Jolly
Mick Sheehy Stuart Webb

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