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AFL & SANFL recruited to Henley

AFL & SANFL recruited to Henley
These are former AFL & SANFL players who later played at Henley in their careers
Henley Sharks Football Club
Year Player Name Career Seasons
2018 Brett Ebert Port Adelaide Power & Magpies  
Lee Staple WWT Eagles  
2017 Joshua Thewlis South Adelaide  
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2016 Daniel Longman Sturt & Glenelg  
2015 Brett Backwell Glenelg & North Adelaide 1
Kym Cobb South Adelaide 2
2014 Ned Heath Port Adelaide Magpies  
Bradley Graham WWT Eagles & South Adelaide  
2013 Ryan Sampson Port Adelaide Magpies  
Bradley Geddes* WWT Eagles  
Jake Fairclough* WWT Eagles  
2012 Cody Hicks* WWT Eagles  
Dale Symmons* WWT Eagles  
Peter Hoban WWT Eagles 1
James Stewart** WWT Eagles  
Sam Daveron* WWT Eagles  
2011 Jarred Wright* AFL: Brisbane, WWT Eagles  
Peter Fiachi WWT Eagles  
Brent Frewen WWT Eagles  
Greg Dempsey West Adelaide  
2010 Ken McGregor* AFL: Adelaide Crows, WWT Eagles 1
Sam Fairclough* WWT Eagles 1
2009 Gavin Colville WWT Eagles 2
Vinnie Rugolo WWT Eagles  
Dennis Redden WWT Eagles 2
James Stewart* WWT Eagles  
Joel Cullen** WWT Eagles  
2008 Steven Hall AFL: Adelaide, WWT Eagles 3
Jake Pavlich* WWT Eagles  
Tim Inkster WWT Eagles 1
David Barnes* WWT Eagles 3
Ross Pederson WWT Eagles 4
2006 Michael Phillipou* WWT Eagles 1
2005 Sam Phillipou* AFL: Footscray, WWT Eagles & Port 6
Jeremy Johncock** Sturt  
Iszac Thompson* AFL: Western Bulldogs  
2004 David Niemann* WWT Eagles 1
Dennis Iljecsen* WWT Eagles 3
Darren Holland WWT Eagles  
Michael DiBiase* WWT Eagles 1
2001 Paul Patterson West Adelaide 1
Paul Bullus* AFL: Richmond, WWT Eagles 1
Darren Chandler West Adelaide 2
1999 Stuart Totham WWT Eagles 3
David Green* Port Adelaide Magpies 1
Henley Greek Football Club
1997 Stuart Whitehouse West Torrens 1
Rob Lukosius* West Torrens 8
1993 Adam Ugrinic** WWT Eagles 1
1992 Scott Geyer West Torrens & WWT Eagles 5
1991 Matthew Wormald* West Torrens 9
Henley District & Old Scholars Football Club
1987 Michael Smith West Adelaide  
1987 Ian Borchard West Adelaide 1
1986 Andrew McIntyre South Adelaide 2
1984 Stephen Rechner West Adelaide 1
1984 Greg Hutton Woodville Warriors 3
1984 Paul Johannson West Torrens 2
1984 Matthew Daveron West Adelaide 1
1983 David Lawless West Adelaide & West Torrens 2
1983 Stephen O’Donoghue West Adelaide 3
1983 Greg White West Torrens 1
1982 Mark Daveron West Adelaide 4
1981 John Giradi Woodville 3
1980 Brian Rogers West Adelaide 2
1979 Bob Reid Woodville 2
Henley WWT Eagles Football Club
1975 Phil Kerston West Adelaide 3
1975 Neil Higgins West Adelaide 10
1974 Peter Brenton Woodville 1
1973 John White West Adelaide 6
1973 Trevor Sampson West Adelaide 4
1973 Trevor Ettridge West Torrens 5
1973 Graeme Hicks West Adelaide 7
1974 Greg Frick West Adelaide 14
1972 Peter Barnes West Torrens 1
1968 Ron Ettridge West Adelaide 5
1968 Rod Bridgman West Torrens 10
Henley & Grange Football Club
? David Rankine West Torrens  
1965 Brian Key Port Adelaide  
Barry Deverson West Adelaide  
Gerry Webber West Torrens  
Henley Two Blues Football Club
1956 Errol Lodge West Torrens 1
1953 Don Pryor South Adelaide  
Henley & Grange Football Club
1934 Joe Kinlough West Torrens 1
Alex Kinlough West Torrens 1
1928 A. Kean West Torrens  
1925 George Richmond West Torrens  
1924 T.Jeffery West Torrens  
* Indicates player played Juniors at Henley
** Indicates player played Seniors at Henley before playing AFL/SANFL

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