Henley State Carnival Players

The current 2018 State Carnivals have some former Henley juniors in participation…

Under 18s

Jack Lukosius (Son of former Henley A-Grade Coach & Player Robert) – at Eagles

Under 16s

Luke Edwards, Cooper Horsnell & Kaine Baldwin made the 16s State Team – All at Glenelg.

In fact Kaine Baldwin is the Captain

Under 16s Squad  >> here <<

Congrats & good luck to all players, Rod Hill


SANFL State Team Representatives
Selected to play for South Australia at the highest level in their respective age bracket.
Year Player Name Level SANFL Club
2018 Jack Lukosius U18s Eagles
Kaine Baldwin (C)
U16s Glenelg
Luke Edwards
U16s Glenelg
Cooper Horsnell
U16s Glenelg
Max Coorey
U15s Glenelg
Adam D’Aloia
U15s Eagles
2017 James Rowe U18s Eagles
Jackson Edwards U18s Glenelg
Jack Lukosius U18s Eagles
2015 James Rowe U16s Eagles
Jackson Edwards U16s Glenelg
Jack Lukosius U15s Eagles
2014 Billy Stretch U18s Glenelg
Jake Johansen U18s Port Adelaide
Josh Miller U18s Glenelg
Ethan Miller U16s Eagles
Jackson Edwards U15s Glenelg
2013 Jake Johansen U18s Port Adelaide
Billy Stretch U18s Glenelg
Angus Coxon U15s Eagles
2012 Jake Johansen U16s Port Adelaide
Billy Stretch U16s Glenelg
2010 Joseph Sinor U16s Eagles
Nathan Bately U18s Eagles
Brodie Smith U18s Eagles
2009 Matthew Jacquier U16s Eagles
Sam Tonkes U16s Port Adelaide
Brodie Smith U18s Eagles
Josh Giddings U18s Glenelg
2008 Matthew Broadbent U18s Eagles
Sam Davoren U18s Eagles
2007 Adam Turner U16s Eagles
Sam Faircough U18s Eagles
Cody Hicks U18s Eagles
Matthew Broadbent U18s Eagles
Bradley Ebert U18s Port Adelaide
Brad Mehaffey U20s Eagles
2006 Matthew Broadbent U16s Eagles
Bradley Ebert U16s Port Adelaide
Sam Davoren U16s Eagles
2005 Dale Symmons U20s Eagles
2003 Denis Iljcesen U20s Eagles
2002 Issac Thompson U16s Eagles
Denis Iljcesen U18s Eagles
2001 Jarrad Wright U18s Eagles
Denis Iljcesen U18s Eagles

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