Henley Juniors Registration Update

We are currently working through all the forms received registering interest to play for Henley Sharks.   We will make our best endeavour to be in contact with you VIA EMAIL by the end of this week 18th February 2018.

Please note – some age groups will be notified before others.  

Before enquiring about any age group eligibility, please ensure you check the below table for the age rules.















1st Child – $205

2nd or any other sibling – $120

The $50 Sports Vouchers will be offered again in 2018 for those children eligible, and to do this all you have to do is select this option when completing your registration. Eligibility is basically 13 years old and under and at primary school in 2018, and you have not claimed for the Voucher in 2018 calendar year.

For further details refer to this website to check eligibility: http://www.sportsvouchers.sa.gov.au   

(Note: The registration portal automatically disables your ability to select the Sports Voucher option if the child you are registering is over 13 years old).

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