Guernseys from over the years

Check out all the jumpers worn by the Henley Footy Club across the years

* Yet to include juniors current home jumper


2004 to current

Henley Sharks

? to current Away

Henley Sharks

2001 to 2008? Away

Henley Sharks 

2001 to 2003

Henley Sharks

1994 to 2000

Henley Greek

1982 to 1993

Henley District & OS

1978 to 1981

Henley District & OS

1965 to 1977

Henley Eagles

Early 1960s 

Henley & Grange Eagles

1958 to Early 1960s

Henley & Grange

1946 to 1957

Henley Two Blues

1937 to 1940

Grange FC

1920s to 1936

Henley & Grange

Early 1900s

Henley Beach


Note: Although no longer being Henley Greek from 1998, the club were still using the Henley Greek jumper up to & throughout the 2000 season.

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