You may see changes around the website, please refer to notes below if you find yourself unsure of recent changes, regards Ev.


# uploaded latest newsletter


# updated juniors team honour boards see >> here << not yet finished zzzzzz (2 hours)


# updated juniors administration honour boards see >> here <<

# updated senior and junior premiership boards to current 

(2 hours)


# added facebook commenting to every page/post (5 mins)

# add optimize plugin to speed up website (5 mins)


# updated senior most games played (1 hour)


# updated senior honour boards to 2017, still needs editing design errors (1 hour)


# uploaded latest newsletter to website

# added lion nathan, gobles pet & grain, ubet & total tools to senior sponsors

# adjusted sponsors carousel of logos (improved)

# added tim rosewall to most games played 300 games etc here and few other names moved up

(2 hours)


# Added random images to sidebar (0.5 hours)


# cleaned up premiership teams page (1 hour) still not finished.

# cleaned up life members (15 mins)


# add channel 9 gif image to front page


# enhanced the mobile phone website to be straight to keys areas, with bulk items hidden, and straight to results, come to this website on your phone to get direct results


# loaded in a heap of honour boards (see club history menu), all honour board will be updated soon by the great phil burgess

# grouped seniors & juniors sponsors under 1 menu

# changed news posts template, to be smaller more compact

# moved merchandise link to main menu

# enhanced all dark blue menu to look 3D instead of flat


# began redesign of honour boards (return to timber style colour) not yet finished but near done, not easy, advanced techniques

# applied honour design to club patrons page & life members page

# moved life members page to sit under about us menu

# applied honours design to senior admin page & moved the page to under seniors menu

# applied honours design to most games played page & moved the page to under seniors menu

# applied honours design to senior premierships & moved the page to under seniors menu


# added girls drop down box on sidebar results.

# put club song page under about us menu

# put club patrons page under about us menu


# added nine news article

# added drop down lists, for footy results on side bars, still have girls drop down to do.


# Updated 2017 SPONSORS on senior sponsors page 

# corrected headings on About Us page

# added sidebar page hits visitors counter

# corrected Contact us page with secure emailing options and took away emails to prevent massive spamming


# put all team result links, mens, boys & girls on all side bars

# additional social media buttons on sidebar

# enhanced the presentation of new posts on the home page

# put ALL junior sponsors on the top horizontal carousel within any junior related pages

# removed home page “announcement block, takes up a quarter of the introduction page

# uploaded edition 3 sharkbite newsletter


# took life members link ‘away’ from top menu of club history link, the link still exists on the history page.

# quick senior & junior results link on home page side widget.

# cleaned up juniors menu items.

# moved about us page to separate menu item, and edited the write up a little

# added youtube icon to former sharks videos at top of the page

# cleaned up senior premierships table a little, just taste testing the layout

# updated the instagram icon to go to the new instagram sharks page

# changed history page to evolution of “henley football club” & moved honour boards to a honour board menu link

# updated plugins to latest secure editions

# added important security and speed plugins to keep the website safer from hacking

# SPONSORS: Added sponsors carousel now presenting on every page

# added an instagram sharks page and feed on side column

# added seniors henley ball post & picture