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Best and Fairest Sponsors for 2019

The Red Carpet arrives this week at Henley Junior Football Club with our 2019 Best & Fairest Count.

Do not miss your opportunity to promote your business and be a sponsor for our Major Event for 2019.
We are looking for items that can be auctioned off on the night, helping to support the Club keeping our Teams on the Park.












Adam and Zoe Roe from Gas Works Findon have kindly donated a Weber BBQ that can be purchased on the night.
If you have a business that could benefit from some local Henley Beach promotion, please get in touch.







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Rob Toole

T: 0419 938 444

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Seeking Open Womens Team Coach

Henley Football Club will be fielding an Open Senior Women’s Team in 2020!

We are currently taking applications from coaches.

Application forms are available here: Application Form

The Henley Football club is very excited to be adding to its senior teams, with the introduction of open women team along with it’s under 18 women’s and senior men’s teams.

The successful applicant must have as a minimum:

  • Strong leadership and excellent communication skills
  • Level 1 accreditation for under 18
  • Level 2 accreditation for open seniors
  • Previous coaching experience (preferred)

See our original post for an Open team:

Applications will close on Wednesday 31st July, 2019 @ 5pm

Applications including experience and resume may be forwarded to:

Danielle Robran

Junior Girls & Senior Women’s Football Director


Phone: 0417841271

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VALE: Doug Campbell

Sadly passed last Sunday 30th June – Aged 58

A Henley Hero since inception & a past C & D Grader of the Henley Football Club.

A celebration of Doug’s life will be held at the Henley Football Club this Friday 5th July at 2pm. All welcome.

Jack was the BGrade’s 1986 team manager and was also a playing member of the 1984 D-Grade Division 4 premiership

Unfortunately we currently dont have a photo of Jack, if you do please send one in to

1984 – Division 4 – PREMIERS
South Australian Football Association (SAFA)
Henley District & OS 9.13 (67)  defeated Elizabeth 4.14 (38)
at Edwardstown Oval
Captain/Coach – Keith Starr
Manager – Michelle Starr
Trainer – Phil Davies
Team Members (Unplaced) 
Andrew Henry Michael Rusanoff Keith Starr James Goldsmith
Paul Ramm Darren Salisbury Paul Jay Gary Lawrence
Alan Skinner Bill Stevens Mark Williams Stuart Jones
Ray Earl Alastair Stevens  Alan Battersby Jeff Starr
Eric McKone Doug Campbell Neil Clarke Trevor Bailey
Phil Cole Graham Hill Neil Madigan John Lawrence

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Latest Senior Newsletter

Get your club update now, with our tremendous newsletter brought to you by our terrific Social Manager Mel Edson

Below is our latest newsletter and also some others from years gone by. Simply click the download button under each edition to read.

Also see our Annual Reports page for our end of year annual reports >> here <<

2019 by Mel Edson

2019 Sharkbite Edition 9

Last home game

2019 Sharkbite Edition 8
2019 Sharkbite Edition 7

Goodwood Saints game

2019 Sharkbite Edition 6

29th June 2019

2019 Sharkbite Edition 5
2019 Sharkbite Edition 4
2019 Sharkbite Edition 3
2019 Sharkbite Edition 2

Anzac Day Edition

2019 Sharkbite Edition 1

NEW EDITION: 6th April 2019

2018 by Mel Edson

2018 Sharkbite Newsletter Edition 9
2018 Sharkbite Newsletter Edition 10

Finals Edition

2018 Sharkbite Edition 8

28th July 2018

2018 Sharkbite Edition 7
2018 Sharkbite Edition 6


2018 Sharkbite Edition 5
2018 Sharkbite Edition 4
2018 Sharkbite Edition 3
2018 Sharkbite Edition 2
2018 Sharkbite Edition 1

10 megabytes

2018 Preseason Sharkbite Edition

File size: 9 megabytes

2017 by Mel Edson

2017 Sharkbite Edition 7
2017 Sharkbite Edition 6
2017 Sharkbite Edition 5
2017 Sharkbite Edition 4
2017 Sharkbite Edition 3

2012 by Ashlee Biddle

Sharkbite Round 12 2012
Sharkbite Round 1 2012

2011 by Dos & Evan Bennetts

Sharkbite Round 18 2011
Sharkbite Round 15 2011
Sharkbite Round 11 2011
Sharkbite Round 10 2011
Sharkbite Round 1 2011

2010 by Daveron Family

Sharkbite Week 4 Finals 2010
Sharkbite Round 1 2010

2009 by Daveron Family

Sharkbite Round 5 2009
Sharkbite Round 4 2009
Sharkbite Round 2 2009
Sharkbite Round 1 2009

2002 by Scott Jones

Sharkbite Round-13 2002
Sharkbite Round-12 2002
Sharkbite Round-11 2002
Sharkbite Round-10 2002
Sharkbite Round-09 2002


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A-Grade Round 10 victory highlights

Round 10 highlights of the Sharks great win at St.Peters 22/06/2019




Round 9

Round 9 highlights of the Sharks playing Rostrevor at Rostrevor 15/06/2019. 

Proudly brought to you by the Adelaide Footy League TV.

Rostrevor OC 5.4, 12.6, 15.7, 19.14 (128) 

Henley 2.0, 5.2, 10.8, 11.10 (76) 

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2019 League Representatives

Well done to Henley Sharks Captain Ned Heath & Ruckman Nathan Bowles who travelled to Queensland over the long weekend as representatives of the Adelaide Footy League

Adelaide Footy League 15.15 (105) def. QAFL 12.13 (85)

Photos by ADFL & Photographer Jason O’Brien see more here

Ned Heath (4th top left) & Nathan Bowles (7th top left)

Check out all players over the years who have played in the state style games below…


Image 1 of 5

League Representatives
Players chosen from the Henley Football Club to represented the league in its annual state versus state carnival.
Henley Sharks Football Club
Year Player Name   Club Name
2019 Ned Heath    
Nathan Bowles    
2016 Jake Pavlich    
Ned Heath    
Michael Gautesen    
Bradley Geddes    
2014 Adam Pedlar U23s  
2013 Tim Broadbent U23s  
2010 Jake Pavlich U23s  
Seamus McDonnell U23s  
Michael Gautesen U23s  
Damien Williamson U23s  
2009 Jason Clark U23s  
Thomas Wright U23s  
Kurtis Cox U18s  
Jordan Lawless U18s  
2008 Paul Rugolo U18s  
2007 Tyson Bock U23s  
2006 Luke Pastyn    
2005 Mitch Andrews U23s  
Scott Berry U23s  
Denis Iljecsen U23s  
Jeremy Johncock U23s  
2004 Adam Douglas    
Darren Holland    
Denis Iljecsen    
David Niemann    
Thomas Wright U23s  
2003 Luke Pastyn    
2002 Darren Chandler    
2001 Darren Chandler    
1998 Robert Lukosius    
Henley Greek Football Club
Year Player Name   Club Name
1997 Wayne Pierson   Henley Greek
Brett Teakle   Henley Greek
Paul Chapman   Henley Greek
Phil Dawson   Henley Greek
Matthew Wormald   Henley Greek
Steven McLawrence U17s Henley Greek
1996 Mark Payze   Henley Greek
Brett Teakle   Henley Greek
Stacey Visser   Henley Greek
Matt Wormald (vc)   Henley Greek
Steven McLawrence U17s Henley Greek
David Green U17s Henley Greek
Peter Stevens U17s Henley Greek
Matthew Pavlich U15s Henley Greek
Ken McGregor U15s Henley Greek
1995 Scott Geyer   Henley Greek
Andrew Horsnell   Henley Greek
John Muir   Henley Greek
David Simmons   Henley Greek
(State U15s) Aaron Shattock   Henley Greek
1994 Phil Dawkins   Henley Greek
Andrew Engelhardt   Henley Greek
Andrew Horsnell   Henley Greek
Mark Payze   Henley Greek
Wayne Pierson   Henley Greek
U17s – Peter King   Henley Greek
U17s – Ryan Chung Gon   Henley Greek
U17s – Scott Bean   Henley Greek
(State U15s) Steve McLawrence   Henley Greek
SAFA’s Intrastate Foundation Cup
Year Player Name   Club Name
1993 Phil Dawkins   Henley District & O.S.
Lincoln Hayes   Henley District & O.S.
Matthew Wormald   Henley District & O.S.
Wayne Pierson   Henley District & O.S.
Andrew Horsnell   Henley District & O.S.
Paul Allport   Henley District & O.S.
Dave Simmons   Henley District & O.S.
Scott Geyer   Henley District & O.S.
Andrew Engelhardt   Henley District & O.S.
Troy Searle   Henley District & O.S.
(U15s) Kym Waldeck   Henley District & O.S.
1992 Phil Dawkins   Henley District & O.S.
Wayne Pierson   Henley District & O.S.
Dave Simmons   Henley District & O.S.
Matthew Wormald   Henley District & O.S.
Ian McDowell   Henley District & O.S.
Michael Cocks   Henley District & O.S.
Mark Payze   Henley District & O.S.
(15s) David Barnes   Henley District & O.S.
1991 Wayne Pierson   Henley District & O.S.
Brian O’Conner   Henley District & O.S.
(U17s) Scott Leal   Henley District & O.S.
(U17s) Andrew Butterfield   Henley District & O.S.
1990 Rod Sperling   Henley District & O.S.
Brian O’Conner   Henley District & O.S.
1986 Charlie Drew   Henley District & O.S.
Steve Miller   Henley District & O.S.
Lindsay Hick   Henley District & O.S.
Andrew MacIntyre   Henley District & O.S.
1985 Peter Milsom (Coached)   Henley District & O.S.
Roger Russell   Henley District & O.S.
Matt O’Donaghue   Henley District & O.S.
Mike Broadbent   Henley District & O.S.
1984 Charlie Drew   Henley District & O.S.
Roger Russell   Henley District & O.S.
Year Player Name   Club Name
1981 David Martin   Henley District & O.S.
Paul Snelling   Henley District & O.S.
(U16s) Andrew Henry   Henley District & O.S.
(U16s) Ian McDowall   Henley District & O.S. 
1980 (U16s) Stephen Walker   Henley District & O.S.
(U16s) David Schuster   Henley District & O.S.
(U16s) Ken Jamieson   Henley District & O.S.
1978 Paul Heeps   Henley District & O.S.
1976 Greg Frick   Henley
Phil Kerston   Henley
1972 Peter Barnes   Henley
1956 Kevin Wortmeyer   Henley
1955 Peter Ardill   Henley
Alan Grovie   Henley
(1947-52) The Football Club was affiliated to the West Torrens District FA. League representatives played in a competition known as the ‘Advertiser Shield’.
Year Player Name   Club Name
1950 Arthur Pearce   Henley Two Blues
Frank Tucker   Henley Two Blues
David Ardill   Henley Two Blues
L Luckman   Henley Two Blues
1948 Peter Ardill   Henley Two Blues
(1937-42) The Football Club was affiliated to the Adelaide & Suburban FL. League representatives played in a competition known as the ‘Advertiser Shield’.
Year Player Name   Club Name
1937 G. H. Pollitt   Grange
SAAFL’s South Australian State Side
Year Player Name   Club Name
1936 Lance Juttner   Henley & Grange
1935 Arthur Mattie   Henley & Grange
1934 Norm King   Henley & Grange
1932 Bert Hairfield   Henley & Grange
1930 Wilbur Harris   Henley & Grange
Charles Remnant   Henley & Grange
John Jacka   Henley & Grange
1928 Charles Bridgman   Henley & Grange
Henry Sincock   Henley & Grange
A. Parry   Henley & Grange
1927 R. Roberts   Henley & Grange


All Australians
Chosen for outstanding performances in the state carnival
Year Player Name
2010 Seamus McDonnell
2006 Scott Berry
1994 Mark Payze
1976 Phil Kerston

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Open Women’s Football Team in 2020!!

Henley Football Club is looking to field an Open Women’s Team in 2020!

We are currently taking expressions of interest from players and coaching staff alike, we would like to capture any interest from anyone who is keen to playing for the Henley Sharks in the open women’s team for 2020.

Potential Players….

Please fill out our form here: EOI Open Women 2020 Form and ensure you do so as soon as possible so we can get our new team up & running. Send your completed form to Danielle Robran our Girl’s Football Director to

Potential Coaches…

See here:

You may scan or take a photo of your form and email it in or pass it in at the club.

“Having an open women’s team, and an under 18 women’s team will ensure that our young players continue to develop their football, as well as continue their football pathways with the Henley Sharks” – Danielle Robran

We currently have an enormous junior girls football program and hope these girls progress further into the open team for  future years to come. See our girls history here

Danielle Robran
Junior Girls & Senior Women’s Football Director
Henley Sharks Football Club
M 0417841271





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History is not a mystery 1965

Catch up on some club history & keep an eye out for more seasons coming soon to the website

See all publicly available season write ups >> here <<

The Season That Was 1965

In the 1960’s the Club was known as the Henley & Grange Eagles.

In 1958 the merger of the Henley and Grange Clubs saw home games were being alternated between both respective club ovals, however in this 1965 this was ceased and all matches were played at Henley Memorial only. The Grange Oval would not see football again. 

With the coaching appointment of former Port Adelaide half back Brian Key (37 SANFL games), Henley & Grange made the 1965 A2 division season its own.

The minor rounds saw a huge improvement from the previous year, rising eight places to finish second on the ladder. 14 games were won from 20 matches and the team also contested a draw.

Coach Brian Key

The 1st Semi Final saw Henley & Grange face the minor premier of Seaton and successfully defeat them by 4 goals to gain direct entry to the Grand Final. It also gained promotion to the Division 1 for the following season as well as a week off.

  • Semi-Final, 11th September
    • Henley & Grange 11.7 (73) def. Seaton Ramblers 7.8 (50)

The Preliminary Final saw minor premier Seaton go out in straight sets with a defeat from the 4th placed Goodwood.

The A2 division Grand Final played at Norwood Oval saw Henley and Goodwood fight out a close decider. Goodwood on the day had more use of the ball and the game was played in their attacking zone for the greater part of the day. Their lack of constructive method allowed Henley’s defense to clear the ball and score easily with good continuous plays. With less scoring shots it was Henley’s greater purpose in the forward lines that eventually saw it win the close game along with its 4th SAAFL A-Grade premiership.

  • Grand Final, 25th September
    • Henley & Grange 11.9 (75) def. Goodwood 9.12 (66) at Norwood Oval
      • Henley goals
        • Webber (3), Milne (2), Rowett (2), Key, Jeffries, Phillips
      • Henley best
        • Deverson, Webber, Graham, Gluyas, Rowett, Pearce

Gerry Webber

Gerry Webber, a former West Torrens league footballer, kicked 67 goals throughout the season and also won the Division Chambers Medal; Best player in the league voted by umpires. In one game, on the 5th of June, Webber kicked 9 goals in an away game against the Seaton Rams. He also won his 1st Henley Best & Fairest trophy not only this season but the following season too.

Long serving Manager Garth Johns once again managed the A-Grade side.

Brian Key coached 2 seasons in total as Henley & Grange managed 2 seasons in Division 1 (1966 & 1967) and returned to Division 2 in 1968.

Off the field it was the first season Alf Griffiths was not Club President since beginning the role in 1951, see Club Administration history >> here <<

A2 Ladder
Team G W L D Pts
Seaton Ramblers 20 15 5 0 30
Henley & Grange 20 14 5 1 29
Prince Alfred O.C. 20 14 6 0 28
Goodwood 20 13 7 0 26
Flinders Park 20 12 8 0 24
Gaza 20 10 10 0 20
St. Dominics 20 10 10 0 20
Western Teachers 20 8 12 0 16
Kenilworth 20 7 13 0 14
Pulteney O.S. 20 6 13 1 13
Broadview 20 5 15 0 10
Alberton United 20 5 15 0 10



The Club’s B-Grade team captain/coached by Terry Jeffries came 2nd after minor rounds with 15 wins. In the finals it went down to P.A.O.C and St. Dominics in the A2 Reserves preliminary final to finish 3rd.

Terry also won the Best & Fairest.

Special contribution….

” Having just read the above article, I would like to reminisce about the 1965 season of the Football Club’s B Grade team’s perspective.

The A-Grade side was obviously a wonderful team with a host of wonderful players, and as a former playing member of the club, we are all very proud of them. My brother, Tony(A. Jeffries – see team photo) played in that side at the wonderful age of 18.

My reason for writing this article is to honour the name of SOME (Those I can remember), who were members of a very good football team. The A-Grade  team as we know, was very hard to break into that year, which made our B Grade team, very competitive.

The B Grade won 15 games that season, finishing 2nd at the end of the “home & away games”. Unfortunately, we lost the 2nd semi final to P.A.O.C at the Woodville Oval & 1 week later, lost the preliminary final at the Broadview Oval to St. Dominics by 1 point. We were all “gutted”, as we were sure that we were going to win 2 premierships that year. We therefore finished 3rd for the season.

Some of the players who played that season were “the Mudge Brothers”, Ian & Robert, Gus Powell (VC), Terry Wright, Bob “Bagger” Barnes, Warren Henderson, “Coxie”, Peter “Sticky” Gluyas, Ken Ridley, Barry Parr, “Fritter” Parks, Lindsay Lester, Brian Walker, Trevor Sampson (at 17 years old), Max Couzner, Barney Hawson, Robert Carlier, Bob Skeggs , Roy Schrippa & Reg Ellis.

Sticky Gluyas, Barney Hawson & Reg Ellis (I believe) actually played in the A grade Grand Final. Trevor Sampson went on to play for West Adelaide.

My apologies to any other of the former players I have missed, it was not on purpose!! Maybe you could let the club know if you wish.

They were a great bunch of boys and some very, very, good footballers and team mates among them. I must mention our team manager the late George Anderson, who was very, very efficient, well organised and a great friend, you couldn’t have the team in better hands.

I write this article, so these boys can be remembered at the club. 1965 was a very good year.

Terry Jeffries
Henley & Grange Football Club
“B”Grade. Season 1965.

Thanks to Terry Jeffries for sharing some enourmous insight to the club’s history and submitting the above article to the website in August 2019, still loving his Henley Football Club at 80 years of age.


1965 was the birth of the Club’s first ever C-Grade side. Playing in Division 4, it missed the finals and finished 8th out of 12 teams. Its inaugural Captain/Coach was Stan Williams. Lindsay Lester captained the side and the best & fairest was unknown.

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