Senior Football

B-Grade & C-Grade Grand Finals

2 senior teams have made the grand finals and looking to bring home some silverware!!

C-Grade – Div C1

Its our 3rd Grand Final in a row, and the C-Grade Chargers are hunting a C1 Flag after winning last years C2 flag

10am: Henley vs Goodwood (Thebarton Oval)

B-Grade – Div 1 Reserves

The reserves are playing in their 12th Grand Final in 18 years lets get out & cheer them loud!

12pm: Goodwood vs Henley  (Thebarton Oval)

A-Grade – Div 1

2pm: Tea Tree Gully vs Rostrevor  (Thebarton Oval)


Gate tickets are kind of high (around $15), so get in early and see both our games to get your moneys worth

Wear your club colours!!

Senior Premierships


Senior Premierships
South Australian Amatuer Football League…
Year Team Opponent Score Location Coach
2017 A’s (D2) Henley vs Athelstone 9.9 (63) v 6.9 (45) Thebarton Oval Jarrad Wright
C’s (C2) Henley vs Old Ignations 9.8 (62) v 3.5 (23) Thebarton Oval Chris Brown
2014 D’s (D7R) Henley vs Flinders Park 10.8 (68) v 8.9 (57) Saint Marys Oval George Charalabidis
2013 D’s (D7R) Henley vs Flinders Park 11.4 (70) v 9.6 (60) Saint Marys Oval George Charalabidis
2012 B’s (D1R) Henley vs Goodwood 6.7 (43) v 4.10 (34) Thebarton Oval Stuart Whitehouse
2011 B’s (D1R) Henley vs Sacred Heart 8.10 (58) v 9.3 (57) Thebarton Oval Stuart Whitehouse
2010 A’s (D1) Henley vs Sacred Heart 11.6 (72) v 7.5 (47) Thebarton Oval Steven Hall
2009 C’s (D7) Henley vs Houghton Districts 19.11 (125) v 13.8 (86) Blair Athol Oval Peter King
U18’s Henley vs Plympton 8.11 (59) v 7.9 (51) Thebarton Oval Peter Niemann
2008 B’s (D1R) Henley vs Salisbury North 12.12 (84) v 4.8 (32) Thebarton Oval Luke Stubing
U18’s Henley vs North Haven 13.7 (85) v 6.4 (40) Thebarton Oval Peter Niemann
2006 U17’s Henley vs SMOSH West Lakes 10.20 (80) v 09.11 (65) Largs Reserve Peter Niemann
2004 A’s (D2) Henley** vs Woodville South 13.15 (93) v 2.0 (12) Thebarton Oval Grant Levy
B’s (D2R) Henley** vs Tea Tree Gully 9.16 (70) v 2.1 (13) Thebarton Oval Pat Carpenter
C’s (D7) Henley vs Colonel Light Gdns 13.5 (83) v 8.10 (58) Edwardstown Oval Steve Lowe
D’s (D7R) Henley vs Tea Tree Gully 9.6 (60) v 6.8 (44) Edwardstown Oval James McCabe
2001 U17’s Henley vs Athelstone 14.13 (97) v 13.15 (93) Salisbury Oval S.Dedrick & D.Drew
1998 C’s (D8) Henley vs Port Districts 10.15 (75) v 10.5 (65) Mitcham Oval Gary Lawrence
D’s (D8R) Henley vs Port Districts 10.9 (69) v 8.7 (55) Mitcham Oval Jimmy McCabe
1996 B’s (D1R) Henley Greek vs Edwardstown 8.11 (59) v 7.10 (52) Adelaide Oval Michael Hicks
U17’s Henley Greek vs Port Districts 7.12 (54) v 3.10 (28) Payneham Oval Shane Stone
1994 B’s (D1R) Henley Greek vs Goodwood 10.9 (69) v 3.11 (29) Adelaide Oval Charlie Drew
South Australian Football Association (SAFA)
Year Team Opponent Score Location Coach
1993 A’s (D1) Henley D&OS vs Pooraka 15.8 (98) v 10.9 (69) Richmond Oval Terry Homan
B’s (D1R) Henley D&OS vs Pooraka 10.8 (68) v 7.2 (50) Richmond Oval Peter Williams
C’s (D3) Henley D&OS vs Trans Adelaide 13.11 (89) v 13.10 (88) Payneham Oval Michael Hicks
U17’s Henley D&OS vs Para Hills 7.13 (61) v 5.6 (36) Richmond Oval Robert Taylor
1992 A’s (D1) Henley D&OS vs Plympton 21.8 (134) v 16.16 (112) Richmond Oval Terry Homan
B’s (D1R) Henley D&OS vs Edwardstown 10.15 (75) v 9.4 (58) Richmond Oval Peter Williams
1987 C’s (D3) Henley D&OS** vs Edwardstown 11.10 (76) v 4.12 (36) Pertaringa Oval Ian Berry
D’s (D4) Henley D&OS** vs Salisbury Nth 9.11 (65) v 7.14 (56) Pertaringa Oval Gary Fazzalari
1985 U16’s Henley D&OS (Colts) vs Payneham ? Hectorville Oval Rod Hill
1984 D’s (D4) Henley D&OS vs Elizabeth 9.13 (67) v 4.14 (38) Edwardstown Oval Keith Starr
1983 A’s (D2) Henley D&OS vs Walkerville 16.19 (115) v 10.15 (75) Thebarton Oval John Girardi
U18’s Henley D&OS vs Walkerville 12.14 (86) v 12.3 (75) Payneham Oval Rod Hill
1982 U18’s Henley D&OS vs Gepps Cross 12.9 (69) v 8.17 (65) Walkerville Oval Rod Hill
South Australian Amatuer Football League
Year Team Opponent Score Location Coach
1981 U18’s Henley D&OS vs Kilburn 12.12 (84) v 7.6 (48) Richmond Oval Michael Roach
1980 U18’s Henley D&OS vs Broadview 8.19 (67) v 3.6 (24) Kilburn Oval Michael Roach
1979 E’s (D8) Henley D&OS vs Postal Inst. 9.12 (66) v 9.10 (64) Broadview Oval Stuart Jones
1978 U18’s Henley D&OS vs Semaphore  10.10 (70) v 7.6 (48) Kingswood Oval Michael Roach
1974 B’s (D1R) Henley vs Flinders Park 3.9 (27) v 3.7 (25) Adelaide Oval David Rankine
1973 A’s (D2) Henley vs Flinders Park ? Richmond Oval Jeff Bray
C’s (D7) Henley** vs Teachers College 11.14 (80) v 5.9 (39) ? Anthony Park
1965 A’s (D2) Henley & Grange vs Goodwood 11.9 (75) v 9.12 (66) Norwood Oval Brian Key
1954 A’s (D2) Henley vs Kenilworth 12.13 (85) v 12.7 (79) Payneham Oval Don Pryor
B’s (D4) Henley vs Payneham 11.11 (77) v 10.8 (68) Goodwood Oval Roy Haverland
1953 A’s (D3) Henley** vs S.A. Railways Inst. 13.13 (91) v 7.6 (48) Teachers College Don Pryor
West Torrens District Football Association…
Year Team Opponent Score Location Coach
1952 A’s (Blue) Henley** vs Albert Druids 8.14 (59) v 6.11 (47) Thebarton Oval Max Murdy
1951 A’s (Blue) Henley** vs Albert Druids 16.12 (108) v 5.5 (35) Thebarton Oval Jack Sampson
1950 A’s (Blue) Henley vs Torrensville 9.10 (64) v 8.7 (55) Thebarton Oval Pat Martin
Independent Sunday Football Association…
Year Team Opponent Score Location Coach
1946 A’s Henley Rovers vs Grange ? Grange Oval Jim Cassidy (Capt.)
South Australian Amatuer Football League…
Year Team Opponent Score Location Coach
1934 A’s (D2) Henley & Grange vs Semaphore Central 10.7 (67) v 7.4 (46) Thebarton Oval Joe Kinlough
Adelaide Junior Football Association
Year Team Opponent Score Location Coach
1913 A’s (D2) Henley Beach vs North Adelaide Rams 5.9 (39) to 4.10 (34)   J. Roberts (Capt.)
Suburban United Football Association
Year Team Opponent Score Location Coach
1908 A’s Henley Beach vs (No evidence of this win in history records)  
1907 A’s Henley Beach vs St. Bartholomew 4.8 (32) v 2.5 (17) Unley Oval P. Webb (Capt.)
** Indicates undefeated premiers
History – as end 2017
# Total flags: 54 Premierships
# Most coached: Michael Roach, Rod Hill, Peter Niemann – 3 each
# Total A-Grade:  18 Premierships
# Total B-Grade:  9 Premierships
# Total C-Grade:  7 Premierships
# Total D-Grade:  6 Premierships
# Total E-Grade:  1 Premierships
# Total Under 18/17s:  11 Premierships
# Total Under 16 (Colt):  1 Premierships

Under 18 & Under 16 Colts (pre-1989) who were affiliated with the Senior League are regarded as Senior Premierships


Merged Club Premierships

Over the years the Club to become what it is today, has merged with other Clubs along the way. These Clubs had much success and history before uniting at Henley and their achievements should not be forgotten.

Greek Football Club…

The Greek Football Club merged with Henley District & OS in 1994. The Club had previously won 8 senior premierships. If it wasnt for the Greek Football Club, Henley would have joined the SAAFL in Division 8 after being the SAFA Div 1 Premiers int the previous year.

In 1990 Greek won an amazing undefeated Division 1 Premiership in the SAAFL

Greek Football Club Premierships
South Australian Amatuer Football League…
Year Division Opponent Score Location Coach Team
1991 D1 Greek Camden vs Kilburn 9.12 (66) v 9.1(55) Alberton Oval Shane Reardon A
1990 D1 Greek Camden** vs Riverside 18.12 (120) v 12.15 (87) Alberton Oval   A
1988 D1R Greek Camden vs Broadview 5.7 (37) v 5.5 (35)     B
  D8 Greek Camden vs Kilburn 8.19 (69) v 5.9 (39)     C
1985 D1 Greek vs Riverside 16.9 (105) v 11.11 (77) Alberton Oval Gary Richardson A
  D1R Greek vs Broadview 9.13 v 7.5 Alberton Oval   B
  D10 Greek vs S.M.O.S.H. 18.15 v 12.9     C
1982 D2 Greek vs Rosewater 17.11 v 9.16 Alberton Oval Bob Alexander A

Henley High Old Scholars Football Club…

Henley High OS merged with Henley in 1978. The Club had previously won 4 senior premierships.

Henley High Old Scholar Premierships
South Australian Amatuer Football League…
Year Division Opponent Score Location Coach Team
1976 D8 Henley High OS vs Glenunga 18.8(108) v 14.6(90) Meyer Oval Greg Reid C
1975 D4R Henley High OS vs Kenilworth 10.8(68) v 8.8(56) ? Barry Lewis B
1974 D5 Henley High OS vs Postal Institute 7.13(55) v 6.10(46) ? Ralph Hillman A
1974 D5R Henley High OS vs Salisbury West n/a ? Jeff Barnes B

Grange Football Club…

Grange merged with Henley in 1920 and again in 1957. It won 1 known senior premiership in 1948.

Grange Football Club Premierships
West Torrens District Football Association…
Year Opponent Score Location Coach Team
1948 (Div Gold) Grange vs Woodville 12.25 (97) v 8.16 (66) Thebarton Oval   A

2018 Presentation Night

Henley Sharks Football Club would like to invite you to our Senior Presentation Night at the Festival Function Centre. Please join us to celebrate the season of 2018!

WHEN: Friday 5th October
WHERE: Festival Function Centre, Findon Road
TIME: 6.30pm – 11.30pm
DRESS: Cocktail
Includes: 2 Course Meal and 5HR Drinks Package

Please purchase tickets online: 
On sale from Saturday 8th September.

Tickets MUST be purchased before the 25th September.

Hope to see you there!


Upcoming finals 8th 9th September

4 big matches this week for the Henley Sharks come out & show your support


Week 2 CGrade vs Adelaide Uni at Henley 12pm

Week 2 BGrade vs Port Districts at Henley 2pm


Under 15s Preliminary

  • Henley vs Phos – 10am at Fitzroy FC Oval


  • Henley vs Hectorville at Woodville Oval – 10:25 am





Senior & Junior Finals this weekend

Saturday, September 1, 2018


Qualifying Final – 12:15 PM

C-Grade – Have the week off
Sunday, September 2, 2018

Under 16s

Semi Final 1 – 12:15 PM 

Under 15s

Semi Final 2 – 2:05 PM 

Under 14s…

Glenunga U14 (1)

Preliminary – 12:20 PM 

Under 13s

Preliminary-2:00 PM 

Under 18s make the finals!

For the first time since 2014 our Under 18s have made the finals with 2 terrific wins to end the season.

Theyll play Broadview this week at a venue yet to be announced, stay tuned & ensure you come support the boys

Fixture page here…

See previous season results below…

Under 18s Honour Board

Former player & Under 18s League Medalist Ben Everson in 2014


Ben Everson Under 18s Historical Timeline
Henley Sharks Football Club
Year Affiliation Placing Coach Captain Best & Fairest Most Goals Team Manager
2018 (18s) SAAFL 5th Kyle Nicol Joel Metcalfe & Francesco Varricchio   (35) Francesco Varricchio Chris Brown
2017 (18s) SAAFL 6th Brad Graham Joshua Ettridge Kyle Dalidowicz (23) Jake Butterfield Stefan Jarman
2016 (18s) SAAFL 6th Brad Graham Joshua Ettridge Chris Schwarz (15) Jackson Smith Stefan Jarman
2015 (18s) SAAFL 7th Roger Russell Sam Paparella Cain Smith (24) Tom Reichestein Peter Lawrence
2014 (18s) SAAFL 3rd Simon Hardy Cameron Philcox & Matt Hawkins Tom Pillion (77) Lachlan Hosie Peter Lawrence
2013 (18s) SAAFL 5th Michael Hicks Cameron Philcox Thomas Hession (25) Jack Hambly Carolyn Patterson
2012 (18s) SAAFL 5th Michael Hicks Jackson Battersby Jack Enright (30) Mitchell Seekamp James Salisbury
2011 (18s) SAAFL 6th Lee O’Donohue Thomas O’Flaherty Michael Iwanczenko (20) Jacob Burridge Peter Niemann
2010 (18s) SAAFL 6th Peter Niemann Jace Del Bello Shaun Kemp (24) Matthew Daveron Caroline Patterson
2009 (18s) SAAFL *1st* Peter Niemann Jordan Lawless Ty Hodson (48) Ben Brusnahan Jane Kite
2008 (18s) SAAFL *1st* Peter Niemann Daniel Bell Leigh Costello (32) Jordan Lawless Jane Kite
2007 (18s) SAAFL 3rd Peter Niemann Joshua McKenzie Xavier Gates (44) Jamali Sarai Jane Kite
2006 (17s) SAAFL *1st* Peter Niemann Ryan Brock Ryan Brock (28) Jake Whenan Jane Kite
2005 (17s) SAAFL 2nd Michael Hicks Zack Bellingham Jake Whenan (24) Jake Whenan Leanne Geddes
2004 (17s) SAAFL 3rd Michael Hicks Matthew Pierson Bradley Geddes (34) Seamus McDonnell Leanne Geddes
2003 (17s) SAAFL 3rd Michael Hicks Bradley Geddes Nicholas Jones   Leanne Geddes
2002 (17s) SAAFL 6th David Drew Nick Cioffi Matthew McLean (23) B. Anderson  
2001 (17s) SAAFL *1st* Scott Dedrick & David Drew Robert Picheta Robert Picheta (85) Robert Picheta Shane Ball & Rici Hardy
2000 *No team * *No team *No team *No team *No team * No team
1999 (17s) SAAFL 8th Peter Williams Kym Nienaber Kym Nienaber   Lee Sullivan
1998 (17s) SAAFL 3rd Kym Tonkin Adrian Butcher Nathan McGillivray   Lee Sullivan
Henley Greek Football Club
Year Affliliation Placing Coach Captain Best & Fairest Most Goals Team Manager
1997 (17s) SAAFL 3rd Robert Smith Steven McLawrence Steven McLawrence (154) Steven McLawrence* Kym Tonkin
1996 (17s) SAAFL *1st* Shane Stone Craig Bury David Green Steven McLawrence* Phil Bosustow
1995 (17s) SAAFL 4th Michael Hicks Craig Bury David Green (38) David Green Phil Bosustow
1994 (17s) SAAFL 6th Robert Taylor   Michael DeSyllas (32) Josh Quinn  
Henley District & Old Scholars Football Club
Year Affliliation Placing Coach Captain Best & Fairest Most Goals Team Manager
1993 (17s) SAFA *1st* Robert Taylor Steven Mugge Scott Bean Simon Barnes Phil Bosustow
1992 *No team * *No team *No team *No team *No team *No team
1991 *No team * *No team *No team *No team *No team *No team
1990 (18s) SAFA 2nd John Berry Todd Schultz Todd Schultz   John Skully
1989 (17s) SAFA 5th John Berry Marcus Knill Robert McKenzie   John Woolgar
1988 (17s) SAFA 4th John Berry Robert Mckenzie Gavin Kemp   Darryl Aldridge Snr
1987 SAFA 5th Graham Hill John Neill David Milsom   Richard Dunston
1986 SAFA 2nd Graham Hill John Neill Tony Demasi   Fraser Cooper
1985 SAFA 5th Lyle Burgess Sam Legisa Fraser Cooper   Graham Knill
1984 SAFA 8th Lyle Burgess Ian Clarke Ian Clarke   Ralph Clarke
1983 (18s) SAFA *1st* Rod Hill Ian McDowall Ian McDowall (78) Mel Pilmore John Lawrence
1982 (18s) SAFA *1st* Rod Hill David Schuster David Schuster   Ralph Clarke
1981 (18s) SAAFL *1st* Michael Roach David Querzoli David Querzoli   Charmaine Brooks
1980 (18s) SAAFL *1st* Michael Roach Tony Skinner Doug Grosser   Ron Ettridge
1979 (18s) SAAFL 2nd Michael Roach Tony Skinner Andrew Foley   Phil McLeod
1978 (18s) SAAFL *1st* Michael Roach Michael Broadbent Mark McLeod   Phil McLeod
1965-1977 (No team)
Henley & Grange Football Club
Year Affliliation Placing Coach Captain Best & Fairest Most Goals Team Manager
1964 (18s) SAAFL 8th     . Jacobson    
1963 (18s) SAAFL 6th Elleslie Buckley        
1962 (18s) SAAFL 2nd Elleslie Buckley        
1961 (18s) SAAFL 11th Elleslie Buckley R. Ladd      
1960 *No team * *No team *No team *No team *No team *No team
1959 *No team * *No team *No team *No team *No team *No team
1958 (17s) SAAFL 9th Wally Groom        
Henley Two Blues Football Club
Year Affliliation Placing Coach Captain Best & Fairest Most Goals Team Manager
1957 (17s) SAAFL 6th Wally Groom        
1956 (17s) SAAFL 4th Wally Groom   R. Powell    
1955 (17s) SAAFL 4th Wally Groom        
1954 (17s) SAAFL 7th Wally Groom        
Premierships: 11 Premierships from 15 Grand Finals
Longest serving Coach: Peter Niemann/Wally Groom (5 seasons)
Longest serving Captain:  
Most Best & Fairests: David Green (2)

Round 16 A-Grade vs TTG Highlights

Sharks faced 2nd placed TTG and had to win with hopes of making the finals still alive

Round 16 – 11/08/2018 

Tea Tree Gully 3.4, 6.8, 8.10, 12.15 (87) 

Henley 2.4, 4.5, 9.9, 9.9 (63) 

GOALS, Tea Tree Gully : 
Peter Persinos 3, Trent Melville 2, Zac McKay 2, Matthew Hallandal 1, Blake Penney 1, Ryan Spittle 1, 
Alex McKay 1, Dylan Schoenmakers 1 

Henley : 
Brett Ebert 1, Jeremy Johncock 1, Cody Hicks 1, Thomas Thunig 1, Jamie Grosser 1, Bradley Geddes 1, 
Corey Gray 1, Brodie Kitto 1, Travis Lane 1 

BEST, Tea Tree Gully : 
Zac McKay, Ryan Spittle, Chad Schoenmakers, Cameron Tiggemann, Jack Astbury 

Henley : 
Harris Jessen, Brodie Kitto, Corey Gray, Bradley Geddes, Thomas Thunig, Jack Enright

Round 15 A-Grade vs Athelstone Highlights

Sharks survive!!! Check out the great effort to get the win last week…

Round 15 – 04/08/2018

Henley 2.1, 5.6, 7.7, 11.8 (74)

Athelstone 1.2, 4.2, 8.8, 10.11 (71)

GOALS, Henley :
Brett Ebert 3, Jeremy Johncock 3, Ned Heath 2, James Lean 1, Travis Lane 1, Harris Jessen 1

Athelstone :
Christian Elliott 4, Jake Westover 2, Jonte Bates 1, Luke Rander 1, Scott Sullivan 1, Justin Sheedy 1

BEST, Henley :
Bradley Geddes, Brett Ebert, Brett Dobson, Jeremy Johncock, Corey Gray, Ben Lodge

Athelstone :
Dominic Sangermano, Christian Elliott, Luke Rander, Jonte Bates, Scott Sullivan


After a month of disappointing results, we were well aware of the importance of this week’s game against Athelstone. While it’s not a long rivalry, the last two years have seen some great games of football and as it turned out, this week followed the script.

The first quarter saw us kicking into a fairly strong breeze but I thought our midfield were on top early and gave us first use. With a more potent forward line in this week the players seemed to have more confidence to kick the ball long and doing this created more opportunities for us. Down back Mitch Goldner was renewing his battles against their quality key forward Luke Rander and holding his own, Brad Geddes was giving us plenty of run and Jack Enright slotted into the half back role with ease to provide good rebound. Ben Lodge was working hard getting kicks in the back lines and forward lines and was central to our forward transitions. Our two goals for the quarter resulted in clean passages of football from the backlines and then some desperate work deep in the forward 50. We went into quarter time with a slight lead which was a good effort into the wind.

Early in the second quarter we were again on top in the midfield and were bringing our wings into the game well with Cody Hicks and Tom Elfenbein finding touch. We got off to a good start when Brett Ebert took a big mark at centre half forward then kicked the ball deep to Ned Heath in the goal square. Corey Gray and Brett Dobson were controlling the midfield while Brad Geddes continued to pick up kicks while patrolling the half back line. Athelstone’s ability to run and move the ball quickly has always been their strength and on a couple occasions in this quarter this caught us out. But we were also moving the ball well ourselves and soon had goals to James Lean and another to Ned Heath. After a couple of missed shots from us, Athelstone moved the ball down the ground and got another goal late, leaving us with a 10 point lead at half time.

With the breeze as it was, a strong third quarter would set us up for a good chance to win the game. Early in the third our kicking into the forward 50 was as good as it has been, as Corey Gray got the first clearance, found James Lean who found Brett Ebert for a goal. Brett backed this up a few minutes later and it was the perfect start to the quarter. But following this Athelstone kicked two goals as a direct result of our turnovers and we seemed to go into our shells. The backs were under siege as we found it difficult to clear the ball into the strong breeze. Even though Athelstone had some shots on goal I thought our defensive pressure was okay but we allowed them some short kicks to leading players which resulted in goals. Around the ball, Athelstone were getting on top and we lost a bit of our structure around the stoppage.

We knew in the last that we had the aid of the breeze but still had to execute out plans. We got the first clearance through Travis lane and had the first couple of forward 50 entries but couldn’t capitalise. Athelstone got a forward entry and a hack kick out of a stoppage landed in the hands of their player resulting in the first goal. This got their tails up a bit and they dominated the next couple of minutes of play. But then we found Ben Lodge in space who got the ball to Brett Ebert one on one, he won the ball at ground level and found Travis Lane who after a bounce kicked the goal from 50. Again, Athelstone seem to have most of the possession in the next few minutes and after some loose checking found a player running in and kicking an easy goal. In situations like this you look to your experienced players to step up and as they say, the cream rises to the top. Brad Geddes was moved into the middle and proceeded to get the next 3 clearances, Travis Lane continued to impose himself on the game while up forward Jeremy Johncock was suddenly unstoppable. He was marking everything that came his way while often being hung on to. He kicked three last quarter goals, his last coming after a one-handed mark late, that gave us the lead. The last 2 minutes were manic and after some loose defensive work we were fortunate that Athelstone dropped a mark in their forward lines with about 10 seconds to go and we held on to a close hard-fought win.

After a tough month and particularly our effort last week, credit must go to the players for turning things around so quickly. It was great to see some smiles on the players faces and hear them sing the song with some gusto. Also a big thank you to all of the supporters who made the long journey to Athelstone, it felt like a home game with the numbers we had there and the noise you made!

Sharks Netball!!

The Henley Sharks Football Club are excited to announce we are accepting Expressions of Interest for the 2019 Netball Winter Season to compete in the SAUCNA competition

For further information and an Expression of Interest form please email Forms are required back by 31 August 2018. All Expressions of Interest will be kept confidential.

We aim to field teams in Under 8s, 9s, 11s, 13s, 15s, 17s, and Opens (Seniors). All age groups are encouraged to apply.


Round 14 A-Grade vs ROCS Highlights

The Division 1 front runner came to Shark Park on Saturday & the Henley boys had a fair challenge on the hands to own the chocolates

Round 14 – 28/07/2018

Rostrevor OC 5.1, 12.3, 21.8, 23.12 (150)

Henley 2.2, 3.5, 3.6, 5.9 (39)

GOALS, Rostrevor OC :
Heath Commane 6, Paul Fantasia 4, Michael Coad 4, Douglas Hadden 4, Luke Manuel 2, Timothy Baccanello 1,
Patrick Dawson 1, Lewis McCormack 1

Henley :
Corey Gray 2, Bradley Geddes 1, Jackson Smith 1, Brodie Kitto 1

BEST, Rostrevor OC :
William O’Malley, Timothy Baccanello, Douglas Hadden, Patrick Dawson, Tullio DeMatteis, Benjamin Jonas

Henley :
Bradley Geddes, Thomas Thunig, Corey Gray, Brodie Kitto, Michael Gautesen

Auction Items Wanted

If you are looking for a way to “Promote your Business” and support the Juniors at Henley Football Club, we have an option. In our major Fund Raiser for 2018 we are looking for Items that can be auctioned off at the 2018 Best and Fairest Count.

If you are able to assist we are looking for items with an auction value of >$50.00.

On the night we will be able to acknowledge and promote your business for the donation.

If you are able to assist please get in contact with

HFCJ Committee