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2018 Player’s Wanted – REGISTER HERE

We are seeking new Junior Players Boys & Girls for 2018, please register your interest below.

Our Community

The Henley Sharks Football Club is a proud Australian Rules Football Club that has been in existence since 1899 and has been known as the Henley Sharks since 1998.
The  Junior Football Club has a long and proud history of developing junior footballers.

Our vision is to encourage, promote and teach Australian Rules Football to establish goals, which will develop a Team Attitude of Fair Play and Enjoyment. We are a Proud Club with a rich history of developing Juniors from the Western Suburbs.

Our Culture

Our club provides a family friendly environment that encourages, welcomes and supports volunteer participation in all aspects of the club’s on-field and off-field activities. We provide football programs that are matched to our girls and boys ages and stages of development, commencing from our 6 and 7 year olds participating in the Auskick program through to our U16 girls and boys, on the verge of taking the step into senior football.

Our focus is on providing the appropriate environment, facilities and support for our junior footballers to develop to be the best footballers that they can be, while having fun and building friendships.

Our Coaches

Henley Football Club are mindful that young players in today’s environment have great expectations of their Coaches.  Henley Coaches have a Junior Coaching Director that is available to guide and direct them throughout the season.  In-house training is provided with our  Senior A Grade Coach aligning game plans in line with current game strategies.

Our Coaches will expose Players to different areas of the ground, developing a versatile skill set that’s required to be a modern footballer.

Our Coaches have the belief that Junior Players need continual exposure and practise of basic football skills over a period of time, but are also mindful that Players love to Play, whether in trial games or match stimulation drills where they have the opportunity to utilise their basic skills and work through the decision-making process in a high-pressure game situation.

We at Henley have a Team First Philosophy, where each player irrelevant of their capabilities can contribute to the Team, improve their skills and have fun at the same time.

Our Criteria

Being a Community Club, we have an open door policy where all Children with a willingness to play football and conform to Club values are welcome. 

Henley Juniors  have Boys and Girls Teams in Under 8’s through to Under 16.5’s. To play in the under 8 competition in 2018, a player must turn 7 years of age prior to April 30th 2018.   To qualify for our under 16.5 competition a player must turn 17 on or after July 1st 2018.
Or…….. if you are aged anywhere in between, we would love to hear from you.


Whilst we are proud of all our Henley Juniors, we offer a great pathway for those footballers that want to take their career further.

Please state your players name, date of birth, your email, phone number & any footy experience

* indicates required field




Girls Kick off Early at Preseason

Girls Football Pre-Season Training
Summer is not all about Surf / Swimming and Suntans

After a successful 2017 season, the Henley Football Club will
again field female football teams in 2018 in the U10, U12, U14
and U16 age groups and introduce U18 girls for the very first

Pre-Season training for the U14, U16 and U18 girls will
commence from 4pm-5.30pm on Wednesday 1st November at
Henley High School Oval, Cudmore Terrace.

Training will occur each Wednesday night until Wednesday
December 20th and will then break until February 2018. The
focus will be on fun, fitness, skills and team building.

Please come out and join us – all are welcome.
The U10 and U12 age groups will not commence training until
closer to the season in 2018.

If you require any further information please
Email: admin@henleysharksjuniors.com.au
or Call: Peter Evans 0412 047 696

Junior Coaches for 2018

Have you always thought, I should be a Footy Coach?

In line with HFCJ Policy, all Coaching positions are declared vacant at the completion of each season. For all our 2017 Coaches and Assistants a massive thanks for all the hard work put in throughout the year.

The Upcoming season (2018) – If you are interested in assisting the Club and Coaching a junior team at the Henley Football Club in season 2018, please send your applications direct to the Junior Football Director at football@henleysharksjuniors.com.au before 11th November 2017.

Applications will close on the 11th November and we will have our 2018 Coaches appointed shortly after.

16yo Luko debuts for Eagles

A massive congratulations to former Henley Junior Jack Lukosius on his SANFL league debut yesterday for the Eagles

Jack in his his first game kicked 4 goals unbelievable! But the boys unfortunately lost the game

Jack dad Robert is a former A-Grade coach and legend of the Henley A-Grade congrats to Robbie & wife Heather too. Rob also played SANFL for the Eagles & Woodville Warriors

View our AFL & SANFL prodigies below

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Henley AFL Footballers
Drafted to the AFL after playing juniors at Henley
Henley Sharks Football Club
Draft Pick No. Player Name AFL Team Games
2014 Pick 42 Billy Stretch Melbourne Demons 15+ Games
2010 Pick 14 Brodie Smith Adelaide Crows 130+ Games
2010 Rookie Christian Bock Essendon *
2008 Pick 38 Matthew Broadbent Port Adelaide Power 152+ Games
2007 Pick 13 Bradley Ebert West Coast & Port 76 & 114+ Games
2006 Pick 23 Paul Stewart Port Adelaide Power 101 Games
2003 Pick 50 Iszac Thompson Western Bulldogs *
2001 Pick 35 Jared Wright  Brisbane Lions *
1998 Pick 45 Aaron Shattock Brisbane & Port 57 & 11 Games
1998 Pick 75 Ken McGregor Adelaide Crows 152 Games
1997 Zoned Warren Tredrea Port Adelaide Power 255 Games
1997 Zoned Jake Lynch Port Adelaide Power *
1995 Pick 53 Adam Ugrinic Adelaide Crows *
1993 Pick 13 David Ugrinic Geelong Cats *
1992 Pick 29 Sam Phillipou Western Bulldogs 03 Games
1992 Pick 52 Paul Bullus Richmond Tigers 97 Games


Henley Junior to SANFL Players
Played SANFL after being a Henley junior
Henley Sharks Football Club
Debut  Name Club
2017 Jack Lukosius Woodville West Torrens
2015 Lachie Hosie Glenelg
2014 Joseph Sinor Woodville West Torrens
2014 Lukas Kangur Glenelg
2014 Billy Stretch Glenelg
2014 Joshua Miller Glenelg
2013 Joshua Giddings South Adelaide
2013 Jason Nyskohus Port Adelaide
2013 Jake Johansen Port Adelaide
2011 Aleksander Kangur North Adelaide
2011 Nathan Batley Woodville West Torrens
2011 Jake Fairclough Woodville West Torrens*
2011 Christian Bock Woodville West Torrens*
2009 Brodie Smith Woodville West Torrens
2008 Cody Hicks  Woodville West Torrens*
2008 Sam Daveron Woodville West Torrens*
2008 Matthew Broadbent Woodville West Torrens
2007 James Stewart Woodville West Torrens*
2007 Jake Pavlich Woodville West Torrens*
2007 Luke McLean Norwood
2007 Bradley Geddes Woodville West Torrens*
2007 Bradley Ebert Port Adelaide
2006 Paul Stewart Woodville West Torrens
2006 Sam Fairclough Woodville West Torrens*
2005 Dale Symmons Woodville West Torrens*
2004 Jarrad Wright South Adelaide & Woodville West Torrens*
2003 Roc Harry  Woodville West Torrens
2002 Denis Iljcesen Woodville West Torrens & South Adelaide*
1999 Scott Leal North Adelaide
1999 David Green Port Adelaide*
1998 Aaron Shattock Woodville West Torrens
1998 Ken McGregor Woodville West Torrens*
1998 Brett Leal Woodville West Torrens
1997 David Barnes Woodville West Torrens*
1996 Warren Tredrea Port Adelaide
1995 Michael Phillipou Woodville West Torrens*
1995 Michael Axon Woodville West Torrens
1994 Adam Ugrinic Woodville West Torrens
1993 David Ugrinic Woodville West Torrens
1992 Sam Phillipou Woodville West Torrens & Port Adelaide*
1991 Michael Dibiase Woodville West Torrens
1990 Robert Lukosius Woodville & Woodville West Torrens*
1990 Paul Bullus West Torrens & Woodville West Torrens
1989 David Milson West Adelaide
1987 Matthew Wormald West Torrens*
1987 Ian McDowell Norwood*
1983 David Querzoli West Torrens
1938 K.Hartshorne  
1937 Lance Juttner West Torrens
1930s Wilbur Harris West Torrens
  Max Pontifex West Torrens
1921 Ossie O’Grady West Torrens
 *Returned to Play Senior Football at Henley High O.S. or Henley Football Club
AFL & SANFL recruited to Henley
These are former AFL & SANFL players who later played at Henley in their careers
Henley Sharks Football Club
Year Player Name Career Seasons
2017 Joshua Thewlis South Adelaide  
more here…    
2016 Daniel Longman Sturt & Glenelg  
2015 Brett Backwell Glenelg & North Adelaide 1
Kym Cobb South Adelaide 2
2014 Ned Heath Port Adelaide Magpies  
Bradley Graham WWT Eagles & South Adelaide  
2013 Ryan Sampson Port Adelaide Magpies  
Bradley Geddes* WWT Eagles  
Jake Fairclough* WWT Eagles  
2012 Cody Hicks* WWT Eagles  
Dale Symmons* WWT Eagles  
Peter Hoban WWT Eagles 1
James Stewart** WWT Eagles  
Sam Daveron* WWT Eagles  
2011 Jarred Wright* AFL: Brisbane, WWT Eagles  
Peter Fiachi WWT Eagles  
Brent Frewen WWT Eagles  
Greg Dempsey West Adelaide  
2010 Ken McGregor* AFL: Adelaide Crows, WWT Eagles 1
Sam Fairclough* WWT Eagles 1
2009 Gavin Colville WWT Eagles 2
Vinnie Rugolo WWT Eagles  
Dennis Redden WWT Eagles 2
James Stewart* WWT Eagles  
Joel Cullen** WWT Eagles  
2008 Steven Hall AFL: Adelaide, WWT Eagles 3
Jake Pavlich* WWT Eagles  
Tim Inkster WWT Eagles 1
David Barnes* WWT Eagles 3
Ross Pederson WWT Eagles 4
2006 Michael Phillipou* WWT Eagles 1
2005 Sam Phillipou* AFL: Footscray, WWT Eagles & Port 6
Jeremy Johncock** Sturt  
Iszac Thompson* AFL: Western Bulldogs  
2004 David Niemann* WWT Eagles 1
Dennis Iljecsen* WWT Eagles 3
Darren Holland WWT Eagles  
Michael DiBiase* WWT Eagles 1
2001 Paul Patterson West Adelaide 1
Paul Bullus* AFL: Richmond, WWT Eagles 1
Darren Chandler West Adelaide 2
1999 Stuart Totham WWT Eagles 3
David Green* Port Adelaide Magpies 1
Henley Greek Football Club
1997 Stuart Whitehouse West Torrens 1
Rob Lukosius* West Torrens 8
1993 Adam Ugrinic** WWT Eagles 1
1992 Scott Geyer West Torrens & WWT Eagles 5
1991 Matthew Wormald* West Torrens 9
Henley District & Old Scholars Football Club
1987 Michael Smith West Adelaide  
1987 Ian Borchard West Adelaide 1
1986 Andrew McIntyre South Adelaide 2
1984 Stephen Rechner West Adelaide 1
1984 Greg Hutton Woodville Warriors 3
1984 Paul Johannson West Torrens 2
1984 Matthew Daveron West Adelaide 1
1983 David Lawless West Adelaide & West Torrens 2
1983 Stephen O’Donoghue West Adelaide 3
1983 Greg White West Torrens 1
1982 Mark Daveron West Adelaide 4
1981 John Giradi Woodville 3
1980 Brian Rogers West Adelaide 2
1979 Bob Reid Woodville 2
Henley WWT Eagles Football Club
1975 Phil Kerston West Adelaide 3
1975 Neil Higgins West Adelaide 10
1974 Peter Brenton Woodville 1
1973 John White West Adelaide 6
1973 Trevor Sampson West Adelaide 4
1973 Trevor Ettridge West Torrens 5
1973 Graeme Hicks West Adelaide 7
1974 Greg Frick West Adelaide 14
1972 Peter Barnes West Torrens 1
1968 Ron Ettridge West Adelaide 5
1968 Rod Bridgman West Torrens 10
Henley & Grange Football Club
? David Rankine West Torrens  
1965 Brian Key Port Adelaide  
Barry Deverson West Adelaide  
Gerry Webber West Torrens  
Henley Two Blues Football Club
1956 Errol Lodge West Torrens 1
1953 Don Pryor South Adelaide  
Henley & Grange Football Club
1934 Joe Kinlough West Torrens 1
Alex Kinlough West Torrens 1
1928 A. Kean West Torrens  
1925 George Richmond West Torrens  
1924 T.Jeffery West Torrens  
* Indicates player played Juniors at Henley
** Indicates player played Seniors at Henley before playing AFL/SANFL




D’Aloia Does the Double

They say history doesn’t Repeat

The Captain of the Henley Juniors Team “Adam” is proving that wrong….
Following on from an amazing 2016 Season, Adam capped off the stellar 2017 season with another SANFL Best and Fairest for Under 13’s.

Adam played all 15 rounds for 2017 and amassed 34 votes to win the medal.

In another year full of recognition Adam finished off 2017 with
– Henley Under 13’s Captain
– Henley Under 13’s Best and Fairest
– Henley Juniors Captain of the Year
– SANFL Best and Fairest for Under 13’s

Congratulations Adam on another wonderful 2017.

Our Under 14’s are just one of our teams with positions available for 2018.

If you want to get on the Park with Ad’s and the rest of the lads, let us know.

2018 Junior Players Wanted


Under 18’s Girls Football

Under 18 Girl’s Football

Following the successful introduction of Junior Girls Football in 2017, the Henley Football Club will be establishing an U18 Girls team in 2018.
If you were born in 1999, 2000 or 2001 and are interested in playing Australian Rules football please attend our U18 Girls.

If you do not currently Play for the Sharks  and would like to register your interest.
Please follow this link: “Junior Shark Players Wanted

Under 18 Girls Football information night on:
Wednesday 27th September @ 5.30pm
at Henley Sharks Football Club

  • Information about the 2018 U18 Girl’s competition;
  • When and where training will commence;
  • Answer any questions you may have

We hope to see you there!



CMI Toyota – Proud Sponsors of Henley Sharks Football Club

As South Australia’s number 1 Toyota dealer CMI Toyota are very proud of our relationships with local sporting clubs.

CMI Toyota have been a proud supporter and sponsor of the Henley Sharks Football Club juniors for some years now and this year became the major sponsor of the inaugural SANFL juniors girls football programme.   

Not only do we support the club but we also want to pass on benefits to club members  so purchase any new or used vehicle from CMI Toyota (West Tce Adelaide only) and not only will you get a great deal but we also provide a substantial donation back to the football club.
These funds go towards improving the facilities, environment & equipment to ensure the Henley Juniors have the best possible resources available to  them.

Visit our special offers web page via the following link  CMI Toyota Special Offers and for any enquiries please speak to

Greg Hochuli
General Sales Manager
T:8238 5555
M: 0412 458 160
E: greg.hochuli@cmitoyota.com.au





Junior Trophy Presentation 2017

Beacuse the Under 12 and 16.5 Boys are still powering along in the Finals, there has been a slight change to Sundays Trophy Presentation.

Sunday 3rd September at The Henley Sharks Clubrooms

Under 11 Boys   1.00pm   
Under 13 Boys   1.30pm
Under 14 Boys   2.00pm
Under 15 Boys   2.30pm


Under 12 Girls  3.30pm
Under 14 Girls  4.00pm
Under 16 Girls   4.30pm

Under 16.5 Boys (To be advised)
Under 12 Boys    (To be advised)          




Super Saturday is here…

If your looking for a fun filled afternoon get along to Shark Park this Saturday to support the Seniors.
For all our Henley Juniors,  we have a Jumping Castle / Sumo Suits and Face Painting to keep everyone entertained.

Fresh off the field from the EJ Whitten Legends Games…
Champs will be at the Club tomorrow to interview all our local Henley Heroes.


Richard Champion or ‘Champs’ as most know him now, enjoyed a remarkable 14 year career in professional football, beginning with Woodville in South Australian Football League before being drafted by the Brisbane Bears (later Lions) of the AFL. Champs spent his career playing on all the Stars – Lockett / Dunstall / Ablett / Modra, hear his take on them all.
A multi-talented personality always prominent in the clubs off-field activities, dont miss out on Champs 25 Years experience  around AFL Footy. Playing / Commentating /Coaching /Radio and TV Personality.

The Fun kicks off from 1.00pm and if all the Juniors could start gathering from 12.30 by the Playground.

We have a free sausage sizzle and drinks happening.  To be included all you need is some of your Sharks gear.

12.30 –  Juniors Start arriving –  Gather around the Playground

12.30 –  Face Painting Available  (2 hours)

1.00  – Try your hand on Jumping Castle / Sumo Suits  (4 hours)

1.15 – 1.45  Feed the Kids (sausage sizzle / drinks etc)

1.45 – 2.15  Hear from Champs – Meet the Coach and some of Stars

2.15  – 2.25   The Kids and B grade form a Gaurd of Honour for the A Grade

2.30 – 3.30   The first half of the A Grade

3.30 – 3.45  Half Time Scratch Match (Kids v Parents) Touch Footy Rules

3.45 – 5.00  Second Half of the A Grade


Junior Best and Fairest Count for 2017

It’s a full House at Henley for our 2017 Junior Best and Fairest Count. In a fantastic turnout for the Juniors,  the 2017 Count was a great  success for the Club.  Thanks to all the Players and Families for attending.  We look forward to making  2018 B&F an even bigger and better event.

Congratulations to all our Winners in our 2017 Best & Fairest Count

2017 Girls Under 16

2017 Boys Under 16.5

2017 Boys Under 15

2017 Girls Under 14

2017 Boys Under 14

2017 Boys Under 13

2017 Girls Under 12

2017 Boys Under 12

2017 Boys Under 11