2019 Presentation Night Awards

Gas Works

Congratulations to all of our 2019 Club Award winners…


Best and Fairest Peter Ardill Medal

Charlie Morrison & Lachlan Ryan

Runner up Jack Enright


Leading Goal Kicker Brian J Williams Medal

2019 A Grade Leading Goal Kicker (25)

Jackson Smith

Best Team Man 2019 A Grade Best Team Man

Ben Lodge

Most Improved 2019 A Grade Most Improved

Brodie Kitto

Coaches Award 2019 A Grade Coaches Award

Joshua James



Best and Fairest Pierson Family Medal
2019 B Grade Best and FairestStefan Jarman
Runner up 2019 B Grade
Runner Up Best and FairestJoel Harvey-Friel
Leading Goal Kicker 2019 B Grade
Leading Goal Kicker (41)Jack Hambly
Best Team Man 2019 B Grade
Best Team ManRicky O’Loughlin
Most Improved 2019 B Grade
Most ImprovedLuke Wilksch
Coaches Award 2019 B Grade
Coaches AwardJack Pillion
Best In Finals 2019 B Grade
Best In FinalsJoel Harvey-Friel
Best In Finals 2019 B Grade
Best In FinalsRicky O’Loughlin


Best and Fairest Michael Hicks Medal
2019 C Grade Best and FairestBrandyn Galletti
Runner up 2019 C Grade
Runner Up Best and FairestMark Cullen
Leading Goal Kicker 2019 C Grade & Div C1
Leading Goal Kicker (32)William Haskard
Best Team Man 2019 C Grade
Best Team ManJoel Metcalfe
Most Improved 2019 C Grade
Most ImprovedDaniel Hogan
Coaches Award 2019 C Grade
Coaches AwardDaniel Wilksch


Best and Fairest Rod Hill Medal
2019 U18 Best and FairestKane Godlevsky
Runner up 2019 U18
Runner Up Best and FairestGriffin Evans
Best Team Man 2019 U18
Best Team ManJack Simpson
Most Improved 2019 U18
Most ImprovedBenjamin Haskard
Coaches Award 2019 U18
Coaches TrophyRiley Meldrum
Scott Dedrick Medal 2019 U18
Scott Dedrick AwardJack West


Best and Fairest Teresa Davoren Medal

2019 U18 Girls Best and Fairest

Jordan Alford

Runner Up 2019 U18 Girls
Runner Up Best and FairestTeagan Fry
Best Team Woman 2019 U18 Girls
Best Team WomanAlexandra Thorne
Most Improved 2019 U18 Girls
Most ImprovedKatie Formston
Coaches Award 2019 U18 Girls
Coaches AwardLucinda Gray


Off Field Awards

Ralph Clarke Award 2019 Ralph Clarke Award

Paul Reichstein

Horrie Long Award 2019 Horrie Long Award

Nick Palasis

Graham Hill Award 2019 Graham Hill Award

Peter Lawrence

Presidents Award 2019 Presidents Award
‘The Glams’Mel Edson
Presidents Award 2019 Presidents Award
‘The Glams’Vicki Lawless
Presidents Award 2019 Presidents Award
‘The Glams’Margaret Lawless
Presidents Award 2019 Presidents Award
‘The Glams’Linda Thorburn
Presidents Award 2019 Presidents Award

Trevor Sampson

Mick Todman Award 2019 Mick Todman Award

Jamie Butterfield

Ron Ettridge Club Champion Award Wayne Pierson


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